Why I Switched From Copywriting to SEO Consulting?

After I left copywriting and moved to SEO consulting, I’m often asked why. Shady clients and losing my entire family played a major role. Here’s the full story.


The 10 Commandments of Power Positioning

In 1992, I wrote power positioning as a way to help attract clients in my early career as a marketing consultant without the need for cold-calling or selling.


The Pitfalls and Blessings of ADHD

Preamble: A friend wrote about her recent ADHD diagnosis at age 45. I was diagnosed at 52, so it resonated deeply with me. I found myself nodding with each symptom she described. It inspired me to write one of my own. I was reluctant to discuss this at first and open myself up this way. […]


Gary Halbert Interview #1

In 2005, I interviewed Gary Halbert and John Carlton. Just a year before he passed away, Gary Halbert shared his best, timeless copywriting lessons for free.