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Why I Switched From Copywriting to SEO Consulting?

After I left copywriting and moved to SEO consulting, I'm often asked why. Shady clients and losing my entire family played a major role. Here's the full story.
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Can Your Prospects Take An Oath?

Preamble: I wrote this article back in 2003 and I rewrote it in early 2005. Back then, it was meant primarily for a copywriting audience. Now that I specialize in SEO, and seeing how the concept of “funnels” is gaining popularity, I took the liberty to slightly update it.…
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The Power of Positive Pressure

Buying a brand new house from a home builder is an interesting exercise. When I bought one years ago, I remember the process of choosing finishes, flooring, cabinets, paints, tiles, fixtures, you name it.…
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Copywriting Productivity Tools to Boost Your Writing

These days, I do a lot of SEO consulting and content strategy work. But a big part of my career was in copywriting. And when I write copy, some tools help me tremendously. Whether it's doing research, writing the copy itself, or working with my clients, there are certain resources that help.…
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Helpful Hints for Writing

Preamble: This post was originally written in late 2006. It's my answer to a common question I get quite often. It needed an update, so here it is. Someone recently asked me this question: “I was wondering, ‘What keeps Michel Fortin writing?'…
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How is Copywriting Changing?

In a recent interview, I was asked how do I feel that copywriting is changing. It was an interesting question. In my answer, I shared some observations and predictions that will apply in many areas of marketing and not just copywriting.…
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Top 10 Reasons Why Lists Work

Two days ago, I was commissioned to conduct a UX/UI audit on a multilingual website. The site was well-designed and didn't have many flaws, except for one. And it was a glaring one. But not as glaring to us “normal” readers.…
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Making The Most of This Divisive Issue

It's frustratingly divisive. I'm not talking about the US elections. (Although, as a Canadian watching from the sidelines, I admit that it can be just as frustrating for us.) I'm talking about one of the most controversial and contentious arguments in marketing; one that has frustrated many, fueled countless debates, and even led to bitter animosity between the two camps.…
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5 Ways to Make Your Point More Compelling 1 |

5 Ways to Make Your Point More Compelling

I took a professional speaking course where the instructor told us of a specific tactic I later realized I often used in copywriting. He called it the “Triple-Tell” formula. Chances are, you've heard of it before: Tell them what you're going to tell them,Tell them (what you want to tell them), andTell them what you told them.…
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