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Fix your traffic drops, grow your visibility, and attract more ideal patients with SEO advice drawn from 30 years of experience in plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, and medical aesthetics.

SEO consulting client performance doubled in one year.
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    Lesser Competitors Crushing You?

    You're a talented and highly skilled plastic surgeon. Perhaps even one of the best. Even so, your practice is having a tough time bringing in new patients because lesser competitors are outranking you on the search engines.

    The problem is, plastic surgery SEO is only getting tougher.

    Search engine optimization (SEO) is always changing. What may have worked before, even as recently as 2019, doesn't work as well now. The reason is that search engines' algorithms are becoming more and more sophisticated.

    Today, it takes more than just stuffing keywords on a flashy website to rank well. In fact, those things can hurt your rankings. What search engines want is:

    1. High-quality content that's relevant, helpful, and credible;
    2. On a fast-loading website that's stable, safe, and secure;
    3. From a competent, authoritative, and trustworthy source.

    You need more than SEO. You need an SEO strategy.

    A strategy makes your SEO fluid and adaptive to the ever-evolving nature of the Internet. More importantly, it comes from an SEO specialist who understands plastic surgery, unlike a digital marketing generalist who only dabbles in it.

    Aspects and Benefits of SEO

    SEO is about having a strong, authoritative online presence that increases your visibility on the search engines and drives organic traffic to your website. But it's more than just getting high rankings. With better SEO, you also:

    • Increase your brand awareness and gain a competitive edge;
    • Dominate your market by outranking your toughest competitors;
    • Attract ideal patients specifically seeking your cosmetic services;
    • Stand out without risking your reputation and getting burned;
    • And quickly adapt to unforeseen changes (such as COVID).

    SEO is not just about optimizing your HTML, either.

    It looks at multiple areas and SEO signals that search engines look for, from your website's architecture to your visibility across multiple platforms. Here are just a few examples of what a comprehensive SEO approach looks at:

    • Local SEO: local citations, map visibility (e.g., Google, Bing, Apple, and Facebook), business listings, and data aggregators;
    • Technical SEO: server issues, page crawlability, mobile-friendliness, structured data, image optimizations, and user experience;
    • On-page SEO: keyword research, topical clustering, internal linking,  search intent, content strategy, and content amplification;
    • Off-site SEO: authoritative backlinks, brand mentions, social media, guest article contributions, media appearances, and digital PR;
    • *E-A-T SEO: author credentials, online reviews, content attribution, transparency signals, trust seals, and reputation management;
    • SEO gap analysis: search engine result pages (SERPs), competitive scans, keyword gaps, content opportunities, and search trends.
    *E-A-T stands for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. They're the three most sought-after page quality factors by Google's quality evaluation guidelines, particularly with medical websites.

    Here are some examples of clients whose SEO was fixed or optimized:

    Plastic surgeon and aesthetic client traffic charts.

    Visibility Booster™

    $7,000 USD/Each

    Visibility Booster™ is not a typical SEO audit. It's a comprehensive assessment of your online exposure. The aim is to uncover issues, gaps, and opportunities that, once addressed, will sigificantly increase your visibilty, authority, and traffic.


    It starts with a deep dive into your digital assets, activities, and analytics. This provides a high-level roadmap describing the areas in need of improvement, along with recommended strategies and engagements to achieve your goals.

    Depending on the  project size, allow up to 90 days for the completion of your assessment. Your team can receive a 90-minute virtual meeting within 30 days following its delivery to ask any clarification questions.

    Pricing and Terms

    Price is $7,000 USD (Canadians must add HST). All fees are 100% payable upfront and based on typical sites of up to 500 pages. For larger or more complex sites (e.g., ecommerce), book a discovery call for a quote. Expenses are extra.

    If within the first 30 days we're not a good fit or you're unsatisfied for any reason, I'll refund my fee in full. After that, there are no refunds, without exceptions.

    Light SEO Assessment

    $3,000 USD/Each

    Sometimes, a simple SEO assessment and review of the issues that need to be addressed may suffice. This light version is not as comprehensive as the Visitibility Booster™ above, but it's not an automated SEO audit, either.

    A light SEO assessment may take up to 30 days. You get a document with the most important issues to address and a list of suggestions. However, this service does not have a review meeting. (See coaching call below.)

    Custom SEO Projects

    Variable Pricing

    If what you're looking for doesn't fit into the above, a custom project may be more appropriate. These are ideal for challenging projects you don't have the time or available expertise to tackle. Projects may include things like:

    • Fixing a tricky problem.
    • Hiring the right SEO/marketing talent.
    • Improving a complex site (e.g., ecommerce).
    • Revamping a larger website (e.g., 1,000+ pages).
    • Developing a longer-term SEO strategy.
    • Auditing other areas of your marketing.
    • Developing a new positioning strategy.
    • And much more.

    Whether it's dealing with a unique situation or meeting an ambitious goal, together we'll find the right solution for your practice or website.

    60-Minute Strategy Call

    $500 USD/Each

    Unsure about what to do next? Need quick feedback? Got a nagging issue? Want to brainstorm ideas? Book a private 1:1 call, which you can record. I can provide you with assignments, a list of takeaways, and links to resources.

    Common Questions (FAQ)

    What's The Next Step?

    Start with a free exploratory call (about 30 minutes) to see if there's a mutual fit. During that time, I'll take a look at your website, answer any questions, and go over your goals. If there is a fit, we can then discuss the next steps.

    To higher rankings,

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    What Do Others Say?

    I've helped thousands of clients around the world, from solo practitioners with small practices to international franchises. I can help your business grow and scale, too. Out of the hundreds of testimonials I've received, here are just a few.

    Carl Seleborg, CEO, Das Cask Whisky

    "Michel provided me some highly valuable insights at a critical time, helping me transition from a networking-based sales strategy to an online model. He did so in a very friendly manner and with clarity and simplicity that only comes from deep, genuine expertise. I learned about Michel from a book and I subscribed to his newsletter, which is so good I actually print some of his emails and read them in the evening. If you are looking for an SEO expert, I'm very confident Michel can help."

    Carl Seleborg

    ed rush fighter pilot business advisor

    "Michel Fortin is my favorite marketing expert and copywriter. He is a friend, but I was reading his stuff long before he was a friend. I have paid him a lot to help me get paid a lot. He’s the real deal and has the longevity as a copywriter to prove it. I've personally quarterbacked over five seven-figure promotions based on his model, so I am a direct recipient of his work."

    Ed Rush

    Peter Dillon

    "I've worked with Michel for close to two years now. He took over the SEO, copywriting, and maintenance of our websites at and In those two years, he has helped us tremendously with improving our websites and lead generation. He has continuously championed our company's marketing efforts, particularly at a time when we were hit by the pandemic slowdown. His contribution extends well beyond the scope of his role, and I highly recommend Michel as a marketing strategist and business advisor."

    Peter Dillon


    "Very few people can match Michel's knowledge of sales and marketing. Fewer still can add an astute understanding of basic business principles to that marketing mix. And almost none can have all those things plus the level of integrity he brings to the table. I trust Michel implicitly; I would hire him without hesitation, and I recommend him unreservedly."

    Ray Edwards


    "If you're ready to take your business to higher levels and sustain continuous growth and improvement, then you must work with Michel! Not only does he share high-value content, but he has the unique ability to connect on a level that instantly changes people's lives! So do yourself a favor and work with Michel today! You'll be so grateful you did!"

    James Malinchak

    Simon Grabowski, CEO,

    "I launched my website with a small list of 1,788 subscribers and was able to earn $31,523.97 within the first 24 hours. It was converting at such a high rate you wouldn't even believe me if I told you. It then went up again and brought in over $1,800 in sales within the next 24 hours."

    Simon Grabowski

    David Mizrachi, CEO,

    "I launched my website with a small list of 1,788 subscribers and was able to earn $31,523.97 within the first 24 hours. It was converting at such a high rate you wouldn't even believe me if I told you. It then went up again and brought in over $1,800 in sales within the next 24 hours."

    David Mizrachi

    John Reese, CEO,

    “A huge thank you for doing such a masterful job with Traffic Secrets! You are the author of the biggest launch web letter promoting the fastest-selling ‘how-to' course in the history of the web, grossing $1,080,496.37 in sales in less than 18 hours of its worldwide release!”

    John Reese

    David Martin, Owner, eSmart Marketing, Inc.

    "In the arena of marketing coaches and mentors, Michel Fortin is in a class by himself. Michel's generosity with both his time and talents are truly remarkable. I am very grateful to learn from him. His insight has helped my company to become a preferred partner providing paid search marketing for some of the largest, most reputable direct marketers in the country."

    Dave Martin

    CEO, eSmart Marketing, Inc.

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