What Services Do I Offer?

Access strategic marketing expertise to make creative, data-driven decisions that will accelerate your growth. Get clarity, guidance, and feedback, as you need it, while avoiding costly mistakes along the way.

The Executive Program

For Large Professional Services Firms
Starting at $7,000 USD/Month

You and your entire organization have unlimited access to me via phone, email, and chat. I provide leadership and oversight of your entire marketing strategy and implementation; ongoing reporting and analysis; access to my network of vetted professionals and service providers; quality assurance; and more.

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The Advisor Program

For Marketing Teams or Small Groups
Price is $5,000 USD/Month

You and your marketing team have unlimited access to me via phone, email, and chat. I can review your tactics, emails, and campaigns, and I can join your marketing-related calls with your team. I also provide marketing reports, ongoing analysis, access to my network, review of deliverables, and more.

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The Coach Program

For Professionals or Solopreneurs
Price is $3,000 USD/Month

You or one person from your team (and one person only) will have unlimited access to me via phone, email, or chat. I provide high-level strategic direction, brief tactical advice, feedback on your ideas, quick brainstorming sessions, KPI reports, and more.

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The Strategy Call

90-Minute Coaching Sessions
Price is $500 USD/Each

Unsure about what to do next? Need quick feedback on a marketing strategy? Want to brainstorm ideas for your next campaign? Get an outside perspective during a phone or video call, which you can record for reference. I provide you with assignments, a list of takeaways, and links to resources if needed.

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Custom Projects

One-Off or Unique Situations
Custom Project Pricing

If you're not looking for ongoing or long-term assistance, or if what you need doesn't fit into the above consulting programs, then a custom project may be more appropriate. These are ideal for projects for which you don't have the time, interest, staff, or expertise to tackle yourself.

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What Can I Do For You?

  • Create more structure and flexibility with your marketing.
  • Refine your marketing strategy based on tested methods.
  • Improve your inbound marketing to attract better clients.
  • Win and retain clients in a profitable and predictable way.
  • Increase your client's LTV while lowering acquisition costs.
  • Take control of your marketing with a more solid framework.
  • Create a marketing team dedicated to your success.
  • Develop sustainable marketing systems and assets.
  • Infuse your marketing with fresh ideas and approaches.
  • Convert more targeted traffic into leads and sales.
  • Reliably track and measure your marketing performance.
  • Make better business decisions with marketing intelligence.
  • Quickly adapt your marketing due to unforeseen disruptions.
  • And much more.

What Areas Do I Advise On?

General Marketing

Positioning • Marketing strategy • Branding • Brand messaging • Marketing analytics • Market research • Competitive research • Clarity and business direction • Advertising • Promotion • Selling • Customer service

Marketing Communications

Content marketing strategy • Copywriting • Business writing • Publicity (PR) • Graphic design • Media production • Content development • Event marketing • Podcasting • Brand awareness strategy • Reputation management

Digital Marketing

Website development • Web design • Keyword research • User experience (UX) • Conversion rate optimization (CRO) • Search engine optimization (SEO) • Social media marketing (SMM) • Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) • Email marketing

What Do The Programs Include?

  • Obtain a detailed strategic marketing plan and roadmap after I perform an initial assessment and research during our first month.
  • Email me your questions anytime. I will respond within 24 hours, but I typically respond within an hour if I'm free.
  • Schedule phone or video calls with me anytime during office hours. However, I'll always answer emergency calls if I'm available.
  • Access my vast network of vetted specialists and service providers as needed. I never markup their time nor take a commission.
  • Get help sourcing and vetting marketing suppliers if my network is unable or unavailable to carry out your implementation work.
  • Forward supplier emails to me for my feedback, and include me on supplier calls to ensure you get advice when you need it.
  • Have me review any of your marketing materials, and get quality assurance on any assets you, your team, or your suppliers produce.
  • Get my software recommendations and advice on which marketing tools and resources to use for your situation.
  • Get guidance on building a detailed budget, allocating it effectively, and planning the necessary resources to get the work done.
  • Access detailed analytics and reports via a custom online KPI dashboard 24/7, so you always know how well you're doing.
  • Get help on developing measurable goals to track your success and monthly deep-dive meetings to review your progress.
  • Get high-level strategy guidance as needed, where we can brainstorm new ideas, and discuss any roadblocks and how to remove them.
  • Record any of our calls, if you want. Our conversations are always private and confidential. I can also sign an NDA, if you wish.

What's Not Included?

  • With the Executive tier, your entire organization may contact me, as long as it relates to your marketing. With the Advisor tier, access is limited to your marketing team. The Coach tier is restricted to one person only.
  • Other than the Executive tier, I don't do project management. You'll need to manage projects yourself, including tasks, budgets, suppliers, and accountabilities. I can provide high-level guidance if needed.
  • While I can provide best practices training for a fixed fee, I don't teach new skills (e.g., web development). But I can point you in the right direction to learn these independently if you wish.
  • I don’t do hands-on implementation work. This includes things like web design, content development, copywriting, campaign management, etc. But I can provide general outlines, creative input, and examples.
  • No one can guarantee a certain result with absolute certainty, such as specific increases in rankings, leads, sales, etc. But if the fit isn't there within the first 30 days, I don't want your money. That's my guarantee.

Who Is This For?

  • You're a professional or the CEO of a professional firm.
  • You want to grow and perhaps open new locations.
  • You're growing quickly or need to adapt your business.
  • You value outside, impartial advice and guidance.
  • You understand that marketing is an investment.
  • You're willing to do what it takes to move the needle.
  • You know that it takes time to get traction and results.
  • You're aware that there is no "magic bullet" approach.
  • You believe that consistent work leads to positive returns.
  • Your business generates $1-25 million in annual revenue.

What Can You Expect?

I've helped many clients reach new levels of success and profitability. Many of the improvements were so significant, some clients have reinvented their entire business models as a result. Everyone's different, but here are some examples:

  • Generated over $300 million in sales, including the first-ever online marketing campaign to sell over a million dollars on launch day.
  • Led the marketing of 12 newly expanded international clinics, developed strategic plans, and trained new clinic staff on increasing bookings.
  • Relaunched a coaching website, resulting in a 1,624% increase in traffic and $42,000 in extra sales, which continues to grow in spite of COVID.
  • Improved landing page conversions by 64% for a professional IT services company, resulting in a near 90% boost in generated leads.
  • Recouped $420,000 in sales for a weightloss training company after removing user experience bottlenecks that impeded conversions.
  • Developed and led a two-week promotional campaign that generated $342,000 in sales for a beauty professional training company.

What Do Others Say?

I've helped thousands of clients around the world, from solopreneurs with small practices to entreprise-level firms. I can help your business grow and scale, too. Out of the hundreds of testimonials I've received, here are just a few.

Ed Rush


"Michel Fortin is my favorite marketing expert and copywriter. He is a friend, but I was reading his stuff long before he was a friend. I have paid him a lot to help me get paid a lot. He’s the real deal and has the longevity as a copywriter to prove it. I've personally quarterbacked over five seven-figure promotions based on his model, so I am a direct recipient of his work."

Dave Mizrachi


"I launched my website with a small list of 1,788 subscribers and was able to earn $31,523.97 within the first 24 hours. It was converting at such a high rate you wouldn't even believe me if I told you. It then went up again and brought in over $1,800 in sales within the next 24 hours."

Simon Grabowski

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"I launched my website with a small list of 1,788 subscribers and was able to earn $31,523.97 within the first 24 hours. It was converting at such a high rate you wouldn't even believe me if I told you. It then went up again and brought in over $1,800 in sales within the next 24 hours."

John Reese


 “A huge thank you for doing such a masterful job with Traffic Secrets! You are the author of the biggest launch web letter promoting the fastest-selling ‘how-to' course in the history of the web, grossing $1,080,496.37 in sales in less than 18 hours of its worldwide release!”

James Malinchak


"If you're ready to take your business to higher levels and sustain continuous growth and improvement, then you must work with Michel! Not only does he share high-value content, but he has the unique ability to connect on a level that instantly changes people's lives! So do yourself a favor and work with Michel today! You'll be so grateful you did!"

Dave Martin

eSmart Marketing, Inc.

"In the arena of marketing coaches and mentors, Michel Fortin is in a class by himself. Michel's generosity with both his time and talents are truly remarkable. I am very grateful to learn from him. His insight has helped my company to become a preferred partner providing paid search marketing for some of the largest, most reputable direct marketers in the country."

Ray Edwards


"Very few people can match Michel's knowledge of sales and marketing. Fewer still can add an astute understanding of basic business principles to that marketing mix. And almost none can have all those things plus the level of integrity he brings to the table. I trust Michel implicitly; I would hire him without hesitation, and I recommend him unreservedly."

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