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For the better part of 30 years, I've been a successful marketing specialist. I'm highly adept at developing profitable marketing campaigns both online and offline. I've produced successful integrated marketing communications across multiple platforms and I've even broken many industry sales records.

I'm currently marketing director of a medical clinic. Previously, I was director of communications and SEO manager at a digital marketing agency, and for many years ran my own marketing consultancy where the vast majority of my clientele consisted of medical, dental, surgical, cosmetic, and healthcare clients.

I’m also co-owner of Supportibles, Inc., an outsourced customer support solutions provider. I lead a team of remote agents offering customer and technical support services. We handle thousands of cases daily through a variety of support channels, including email, phone, chat, and social media.

While I'm well-versed in all aspects of marketing, my greatest success is as a copywriter and Internet marketer (e.g., SEO, SEM, SMM, etc). My solid technical experience and marketing acumen have allowed me to successfully help thousands of businesses around the world in a wide variety of industries.

As a public speaker, I’ve trained thousands of people and shared the stage with Mark Victor Hansen, Jay Conrad Levison, Jay Abraham, Russell Brunson, Frank Kern, and Dan Kennedy. I'm often featured in the media as an expert, and the author of several books and hundreds of published articles.

Finally, I hold several Google Certifications and am a member of several industry associations. In addition to speaking at WordCamp and other industry events, I was also a part-time faculty member of Algonquin College's School of Business in their marketing management and ecommerce programs.


February 2019 – Today

Marketing Director, Head of IT

Responsible for the marketing, growth, branding, campaigns, and expansion of a multidisciplinary medical clinic specializing in chronic pain management, regenerative medicine, stem cell therapy, and medical aesthetics. My tasks include:

  • Manage the clinic's website, multimedia, blogs, email newsletters, and social media.
  • Create and execute a complete marketing plan to increase business for the clinic.
  • Frequently analyze the progress and marketing ROI, and adjust the plan as necessary.
  • Work with the various areas to create effective marketing strategies and promotions.
  • Consistently update the website to educate patients on the processes and benefits.
  • Design and edit marketing materials and multimedia for digital and social media.
  • Audit, analyze, and improve website traffic with the goal of converting qualified leads.
  • Identify markets, develop contact lists, and produce direct mail and email campaigns.

2016 – 2019

Director of Communications, Digital Operations, and SEO Manager

Manage marketing communications at a fast-paced, Google-partnered SEO agency, as well as manage the technology tools for digital campaigns. My tasks include:

  • Lead a team of content writers, graphic designers, SEO managers, and web developers.
  • Develop, execute, and optimize successful marketing strategies for 35+ client accounts.
  • Implement promotional strategies to drive customer engagement across all channels.
  • Create and implement complete marketing plans using SEO, SEM, SMM, and email.
  • Conduct in-depth marketing audits and collaborate in writing winning sales proposals.
  • Research, identify, and analyze key metrics, trends, competition, markets, and KPIs.
  • Produce, publish, and coordinate delivery of integrated marketing communications.
  • Oversee the deployment of technology tools and resources needed for campaigns.
  • Spearhead the design and launch of multiple new business and marketing initiatives.

1992 – 2016

CEO, Owner, and Marketing Consultant

Operated a successful Internet marketing agency offering copywriting, SEO, business coaching, and marketing consulting services. My tasks included:

  • Developed and executed successful sales and marketing campaigns in many channels.
  • Wrote successful sales and marketing copy in every media, breaking industry records.
  • Consulted clients globally on marketing, Internet, and business growth strategies.
  • Gave keynotes at seminars, and taught college classes in marketing and ecommerce.
  • Trained/coached clients on copywriting, marketing, ecommerce, and brand strategy.
  • Delivered hundreds of webinars on marketing, copywriting, business, conversion, etc.
  • Created entire campaigns, from branding and direct mail, to email and social media.
  • Developed unique promotions and direct mail campaigns generating 65,000+ leads.
  • Created positioning strategy and communications plans resulting in increased sales.

2008 – Today

President, Co-owner, and Director of Marketing

Manage an outsourced customer support and technical support solutions company, with a team of 200+ remote workers around the world. My tasks include:

  • Grow client-base by creating new branding, marketing, and business-building efforts.
  • Lead new customer acquisition campaigns through SEM, advertising, and social media.
  • Manage remote customer and technical support agents handling 1,000s of cases daily.
  • Conduct customer experience audits, identify snags, and recommend improvements.
  • Train and monitor support teams, evaluate performance, and optimize response times.
  • Develop training materials for, and relationships with, team managers and key staff.
  • Ensure effective support of systems and tools, e.g., helpdesks, phones, chatbots, etc.


[email protected]
+1 (613) 255-5274
342 Jasper Crescent
Rockland, Ontario (Canada)
K4K 0C9


I have worked with Michael since 1998 and I can vouch that his copywriting services have increased my business and sales by over $4,000,000 in the course of our relationship. Michel is my “secret weapon” whenever I need copywriting that pulls results and I can wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone (except my competitors!).Simon Grabowski
I hired Michel to rewrite what was already a decent sales letter that had gone through a lot of testing. The results are amazing. From one traffic source I can isolate and track, my results show a return on the investment in Michel's fee of 118% in just the first three months! That's about 40% per month. Take that number to the best stock broker in the world and ask him to match that and he'll laugh and have you escorted from the room. (After he tries to get you to tell him how you get returns like that.)

Simply, there's no better return on your money than great sales copy. So I did the only rational thing. Ask Michel to rewrite another letter and I joined his membership site so I can continue to improve my own skills.Jeff Mulligan

I didn't know you. But since our first call together, I've taken some time to read the salesletters you wrote. They blew me away! I thought I knew every killer copywriter in the world… I didn't. Well, now I'm going to steal a lot of your ideas! They are truly that good. I mean that sincerely, since I don't pay compliments easily. Your copy is so good, it's disgustingly good. I have to grudgingly admit you are hands-down the best sales letter writer on the entire Internet.Gary Halbert
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Michel is the top copywriter on the Internet today. I believe he's the greatest Internet copywriter in the world. His copy has sold more products and services on the Internet than any other copywriter I know. When he speaks, you better listen.David Garfinkel
I really want to thank you for everything. I've been able to learn so much from you. For example, my latest project was the real test to see what I've learned and how I could put it to use. The results? Well, I launched my website with a small list of 1,788 subscribers and was able to earn a nice $31,523.97 within the first 24 hours of the site launch. The site was converting at such a high rate you wouldn't even believe me if I told you.

I also wanted to send a BIG thank you for the amazing critique the other night. I was simply shocked at how much stuff you covered in such a short period of time. You literally went through my whole sales letter and told me specific things I needed to change that could increase my response rate. And that's from a sales letter that's ALREADY converting very high!

Amazing! I'm sitting here with 5 pages of notes with dozens of things I could tweak here and there stuff I would have never thought of on my own. The good news? I started implementing some of the tweaks and I immediately noticed a difference. The conversion went up by 0.5% since. and has brought in over $1,800 in sales within 24 hours after making them.

Keep in mind, I've only used 3 of the things we talked about and I haven't started to advertise the site either (I have a small list of 2,100 or so right now). That one critique taught me things about copy I didn't even realize, some very common mistakes I see all the time by my web design clients, if they made just that one change you talked about I'm sure they'd notice a boost in sales. I can say this for certain, you are one of the top copywriters I've ever seen and your help is proving key to take my business to the next level.

Bottom line? I wouldn't be surprised if those few changes are responsible for over $10,000 (conservative) in profits in my pocket. If anyone is looking to learn how to write better, seeing is believing — and when they see all the value (you offer), they are going to be hooked. It's that good. I'll make sure to buy you a beer when I see you 🙂Dave Mizrachi

Your copy more than tripled my conversion rate! Mike, you really are one of the greatest copy writers I have ever read. In fact, that's a pretty big statement, too, since I've worked with ‘well-known' writers like Trevor Levine, Brian Keith Voiles and Marlon Sanders! Good job!Kirt Christensen
Michel, I immediately applied one of your ideas to my recent push for my fall semester. I made $4,645 in sales in the last 48 hours. I made over $24,000, a healthy $4,000+ from my record September sales, and over twice my August sales. That's actually close to a 50% conversion ratio!

I applied what I learned from you and I made more money. I still have so much more to do, to apply all the other tips you've shared. (…) Probably early next year… It will take me that long to polish up my sales letters on the website for my products based on your help. Anyways, thanks!Ken Calhoun

Holy Cow! Michel, I'm not believing this — I have to tell you that the conversion for is 7%! All I can say is, WOW!!! Unbelievable! I knew it would improve but I really didn't think it would be that much! We now know that we can have a profitable site! You see, when we bought the product and the site, the conversion was way less than 1%. It hardly registered!Sherry Zwick
A huge thank you to Michel for doing such a masterful job on writing the Traffic Secrets salesletter. He is the author of the biggest launch letter promoting the fastest selling ‘how-to' course in the history of the web, grossing $1,080,496.37 in sales in less than 18 hours of its worldwide release.John Reese
Mike, an amazing update… We successfully launched our new trading CD tutorial product you wrote the sales letter for, at, early this morning. The results have been absolutely unbelievable! Just a single mailing we did to one of our opt-in email lists is currently pulling a whopping 8.6% sales conversion rate! Another mailing we did to one of our general trading opt-in lists is pulling an awesome 4.1%. The kicker is, neither of these two lists are our paid clients! One of our client lists is pulling 11.3%.

One of our affiliates is pulling a 7.6% and another an incredible 18%! Wow! You are gifted by God to write copy. Some have the gift to sing, some draw… But you, it's writing copy!Stephen Pierce

Michel, I want to hire you for a critique, but you may already have helped! For example, the other day as I was considering your services, I decided to watch the 15-minute video critique (i.e., the video demo on your website). And as a result, I used a little trick you taught in that brief excerpt. In the last 2 days, my sales conversion went from 0.52% to 0.7%! Thanks so much for your help. I'm sure it'll be worth much more to me than what I have paid to you!Charlie Lafave
Michel, I can't believe the HUGE difference! What you did for my headlines is really mind-blowing. You get the USP right out in front and build interest in the visitor to keep reading the sales letter at the same time. My conversion rate is bound to jump up a few levels with your changes. The changes you made to my opt-in page made me want to join my own list. I can't believe how fast and effectively you took my simply little name and email capture page and turned it into an opt-in feeding frenzy!

Who ever said ‘Web copy is the hardest part of your product launched' didn't know Michel Fortin was offering his copywriting services. If they did they would have said something like, ‘With Michel Fortin's web copy, your hardest part of a product launch is keep up with the orders!' Yet again you have proven that your reputation is 100% accurate — the Best!Raymond McNally

Your videos go way beyond everything I've seen anyone offer on the Web. They are easily worth cash, even to someone who's not talented. In fact, just the simple formatting tricks and techniques I picked up from watching you — live and in full-color — plus watching you actually write… Now, you just watch me, because with this added to my arsenal, I'll easily make an additional $10,000 or more this year. As a bonus, well, the value you are giving away is almost insane.Peter Stone
I met some of the platinum players at a recent conference in Orlando. One of those conversations was with copywriter Michel Fortin. We started talking about the sales letter for one of my products, and the conversation quickly turned into a critique and brainstorming session on how to improve its response. In about 10 minutes he came up with 10 ideas that will definitely kick that site to a much higher level of sales and profitability. I didn't pay him for the work, nor did he ask for compensation.

I can guarantee you that Michel is now on my short list for copywriters next time a project comes up. He gave, and someday, he will receive. If you're looking for a copywriter who generates results, you should talk to Michel Fortin.Don Crowther

I just wanted to thank you, Michel, for writing such a fantastic website sales letter for us! So far, our income has quadrupled. In fact, we've made in one week what we would usually make in an entire MONTH! Michel, you have a way with words — and I'll certainly be calling upon you in the future to help us maximize our other projects.

(After a second letter written for this client) … So far the 2nd web salesletter you did is pulling at around 10%! Thank you for a great job!!! In fact, I don't know what we'd do without you… So, don't go getting hit by a bus or anything!Tameka Sowder

I've been recommending Michel to my clients when they ask me for copy. My clients are also usually good friends, so that'll tell you what I think of his abilities and professionalism.Paul Myers
All I can say is that the last critique is fantastic. Your website and copy reviews are always packed with some of the best copywriting tips and tricks. The video review takes it to a whole different level. It seems like the difference between a 3D picture and a flat 2D drawing. We are able to look through your eyes, and see step by step what logic you actually use to refine the copy, and turn it from hohum to a real cash-pulling masterpiece!Larry Ott
You are 100% right. Without your tips I would have never had come to such a strong headline. I have simply taken your tips and adapted to my offer. I really thank you. I must say the forum has been probably the best marketing ‘gold mine' I have ever tapped into in my Internet marketing experience.Frederico Vila Verde
I must say, excellent job on this new, revised copy. With the older version, I was getting a signup about every hour … Or even a little longer. But with this new copy, I'm getting a signup every 3 to 5 minutes!Steven Scott
I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your critique. I have spent quite a bit of money on our website to make is look ‘good'. However, it was just not producing the kind of results we wanted. After a bit of researching I knew it was the copy that needed improving. You pointed out number of things my copy lacked that was stopping people from responding.

Your suggestions were very easy to understand — even for a ‘non-marketer' like me. And the results speak for themselves! Requests for our free reports, subscriptions to our newsletter and website enquiries more than DOUBLED since I implemented your suggestions. I know I can still improve on our copy writing so I will certainly be using your services in the future. I would have no hesitation recommending you to anyone looking to improve their website. In my opinion, the cost is minimal compared to the potential upside.Stuart Weymyss

Michel, All I can say is… WOW! I was definitely not expecting the kind of in-depth critique on my copy. In fact, I expected a good one (I have read some of the other critiques you did). But you showed a depth of understanding of what I was trying to do that is just astonishing.

I will be incorporating ALL your suggestions and sending this piece out again, and using a modified version of it for another market that I'm tackling. By using your suggestions, I'll be able to land those contracts that I want and make a much better income from my business. Thank you again, I can't say that enough. You have challenged me and I appreciate that.Dianne M. Daniels

Everyone knows that being able to write great copy is an essential skill — without great copy, your sales letters don't work, your website sucks. There are dozens of courses available to the serious student, some take 6 months just to complete the series of lessons. The problem with these courses is, they're truly BORING. Who wants to read dozens of salesletters, then copy them piece by piece — over and over again?

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different components that go into writing good copy. Well, by the time you get past number 25, you're bored out of your mind and it becomes difficult to continue your lessons. But what if there was a better way? What if you could ‘watch' over the shoulder of a master copywriter as he took existing sales letters, ripped them apart line by line, and then put them back together using secret techniques and knowledge to turn them into automatic cash machines that'll never stop?

Michel Fortin has done just that. (He) lets you watch one of these lessons each month. In fact, the on-screen videos are between 2 and 5 hours long, and they're amazing to watch. I learned more from watching just one of these videos than I have in the past 3 years studying copywriting! After I saw this sample video, I couldn't find the order button fast enough! This really is an amazing way to learn how to write great copy. All your sales efforts will benefit greatly from this powerful resource. Check out the sample video on his website.Joseph Kowal

I'm a big fan of video software, and I'm hoping to use a lot for my own training courses. I feel it's a much more attractive format than simple text or even animations. One area that desperately needs this approach is the rather dry topic of copywriting. You probably know that Michel Fortin is an extremely gifted copywriter. Now he is using (recording software) to critique the copy on members' websites and to suggest changes. It's absolutely fascinating and well worth the monthly subscription fee.

But you don't have to take my word for it. Get access to a free video sample showing 20 minutes of one of his lessons. Before the film was even half over, I was desperately looking for the button to sign up. It's that good.Pearson Brown

Michel, I'm having serious problems with the material we, your subscribers, receive. One really expects certain things when paying a monthly fee, and to be blunt, we are not getting it! We are actually receiving SO much more than what one could expect. To see the amount and quality of what you offer, plus the level of activity you have in the forum, really makes me (and probably all other subscribers) a real happy camper.

Your critiques are so jam packed with hard selling gems and ad magic that I have yet to watch to more than 1-2 hours on any of them before my hands begin to itch and I have to start changing things on sites I own. So, I would like to say, from the bottom of my non-selling writer's heart, thank you Michel for what MUST be the site that wins the 2004 Internet Grammy award!Kenth Nasstrom

Michel is the genuine deal. Michel is a tremendous resource. One of the best minds around in copywriting, sales, marketing and many other interests.Ronnie Schmidt
Focused, courteous, intelligent and wise. Michel Fortin was the first professional copywriter I had the pleasure of becoming friends with. His helpful advice, patience and down-to-earth personality makes him a joy to speak with.

With Michel, you don't just get excellent services and products — you get his astounding depth of knowledge and his unique ability to render complex ideas in simple and easy-to-understand ways. Most importantly, you get an ethical business man who never allows money to compromise his unshakeable values.

If you're on the fence about hiring Michel or purchasing any of his products, take my word for it: you will not be disappointed.Omar Khafagy

Michel Fortin is a tremendous trainer, speaker and all-around nice guy. I've had the pleasure of working with Michel through my site as he trained my followers on sales page copywriting. The response was fabulous and his session continues to be a big seller for us. Michel knows his stuff!Karon Thackston
Michel Fortin is that rare thing: a copywriter called on by copywriters. His peers seek him out to help them pierce the darkness of their own marketing challenges. And he is more than a copywriter, too, running and advising many successful businesses over the years. But all of this you can learn by doing a little poking around on Google. What I would add to this is: Michel is a man of the highest moral fiber, who takes the success of others (and service to them) seriously.

I have had the good fortune to work with Michel on a number of projects, in various capacities. And I can tell you that very few people can match his knowledge of sales, marketing and copy; fewer still can add an astute understanding of basic business principles to that marketing mix; and almost none can have all those things PLUS the level of integrity Michel brings to the table.

I trust Michel Fortin implicitly; I would hire him without hesitation; and I recommend him unreservedly.Ray Edwards

Michel Fortin is a one of a kind in business. He not only is a master at copywriting, business strategy, public speaking, but he is also a visionary with a rare insight into trends and market demand. Michel is also a dear friend and someone whose counsel and insight I greatly value and admire.

His professionalism and integrity is renowned and on top of everything else, he has a big heart and compassion that comes through in all his work and relationships, too. If you have an opportunity to work with Michel, his company, or to get his products I highly recommend that you do so without hesitation.Craig Perrine

In the arena of personal success coaches and mentors, Michel Fortin is in a class by himself. Michel's generosity with both his time and talents are truly remarkable. I am very grateful to be a member of Michel's Massive Coaching program. His insight has helped my company to become a preferred partner providing paid search marketing for some of the largest, most reputable direct marketers in the country.Dave Martin
From the choices available, ‘hiring Michel' was the best. Although I haven't technically ‘hired' Michel for copywriting work, I do follow his fantastic advice on a regular basis. Michel is my one-stop resource for all things copywriting and has helped my personal business achieve goals I never would have thought possible without his advice.

He is always ready and willing to give great advice and information. This holds true for those who are brand new to writing copy as well as those who consider themselves ‘seasoned'. If you ever need a top-quality copywriter I highly suggest Michel. And for information about his work and to view the same advice I get for free on a regular basis, check out his Success Doctor website. You won't be disappointed!Kristine Wirth

Michel is one of the most respected marketing geniuses I know. Besides his world class copywriting, he has a wealth of experience and knows what will work. Listen to this guy. I do, and it's been profitable.Warren Whitlock


Since 1992, I've been a challenge-driven marketing specialist who loves all aspects of communications, whether it's marketing messages or digital information. If you would like work with me, email me at [email protected]