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Michel Fortin, SEO consultant and marketing strategist.

I’m Michel Fortin, Visibility Coach.

Since 1992, I’ve helped thousands of entrepreneurial professionals from around the world become visible authorities in their fields. Today, I advise ambitious experts and expert firms, helping them boost their exposure and grow their practices.

My help is best suited for established practitioners and professionals. It starts with a free fit-finding call where you can tell me about your goals and challenges. If we’re a good fit, I’ll explain the next steps. If we’re not, I’ll gladly recommend alternatives.

Grow Your Visibility, Grow Your Practice

You’re an expert or professional firm. Perhaps you have a well-known brand and a great value proposition. But even if the stars are aligned, your practice is still having a tough time bringing in new business because lesser competitors are outranking you and gaining more visibility online than you are.

The problem is, it’s only getting tougher.

Search engines are more sophisticated than ever before, evolving at an accelerated pace. However, most search engine optimization (SEO) practices are outdated, band-aid solutions that fail to address fundamental issues let alone provide a clear strategy.

To meet this changing demand, the goal is to focus less on search engines and more on your audience. Have an authoritative online presence that showcases your expertise through useful content and a meaningful user experience — and do a better job than your competitors. This will improve your search visibility that will:

  1. Increase your brand awareness.
  2. Improve your audience engagement.
  3. Help you gain a competitive edge.
  4. Establish yourself as an authority.
  5. Drive more qualified organic traffic.
  6. Attract ideal clients to your practice.
  7. Dominate and expand your market.
  8. Crush your toughest competitors.
  9. Stand out without risking your reputation.
  10. Quickly adapt to unforeseen changes.

What is Visibility Coaching?

Visibility coaching aims to increase your exposure by developing a strong, authoritative, and compelling online presence. It consists of a well-rounded SEO strategy that combines proper positioning, thought leadership, content marketing, and digital PR.

Visibility coaching starts with an in-depth assessment that gauges the strength of your current signals, and how they align with what users and search engines are looking for. This assessment will also identify important issues to address; outline opportunity gaps to exploit; and map out a tailored strategy you can implement.

This comprehensive assessment is not a typical “SEO audit.” It’s a thorough 360° analysis of your presence and everything that affects it, both directly and indirectly. Here are just a few areas of what this comprehensive SEO assessment looks at:

  • Technical SEO: technical issues can affect your rankings, such as server speed, page crawlability, structured data, mobile-friendliness, image optimizations, and user experience;
  • On-page SEO: this is what most people think SEO is, which includes keyword research, topical relevance, internal linking, search intent, content strategy, and content amplification;
  • Off-site SEO: many external factors can affect your SEO, such as authoritative backlinks, site mentions, social media profiles, guest article contributions, media appearances, and digital PR;
  • Local SEO: to be found locally, you need local SEO, including map visibility (e.g., Google, Bing, Apple, and Facebook), local citations, business listings, and a presence in data aggregators;
  • *E-A-T SEO: the most important signals for professionals include author credentials, online reviews, source attributions, transparency signals, trust seals, and reputation management;
  • Competitive analysis: finally, competitors outranking you are winning for a reason, so the goal is to reverse-engineer common factors that Google likes, such as their winning characteristics, keyword gaps, content opportunities, and search trends.
 *E-A-T stands for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. They're the three most sought-after quality factors by Google's page evaluation guidelines. E-A-T SEO is particularly important with professionals as they deal with medical, legal, and financial issues — or what Google calls "your money, your life" (YMYL).

Becoming a Visible Expert Can Take Time

Visibility coaching often results in tremendous gains in exposure, traffic, and demand. Sometimes, the results may take months, even years. Other times, they may take considerably less. It depends on:

  1. The severity of the issues to address,
  2. The competitiveness of the market,
  3. The investment and resources needed,
  4. The variability in search algorithms,
  5. And the complexity of the process.

For this reason, a comprehensive assessment will provide a good idea of what’s needed and how long it will take. If you want an idea, here are some of my client examples (from 2016 to present):

Client visibility charts from Google Search Console since 2015.
Some client visibility charts pulled from Google Search Console since 2016.

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