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Michel Fortin, SEO consultant and Marketing Visibility coach.

Michel Fortin

I’m an SEO consultant and marketing visibility expert with 30 years of experience advising clients on successfully generating awareness, demand, and growth. While I work with all kinds of businesses, my passion is helping entrepreneurial experts and expert firms become recognized, sought-after authorities.

Are Lesser Competitors Outranking You?

Do you or your company sell professional services? Perhaps you’re an expert in your field or an established business with a well-known brand and a solid value proposition. But even if the stars are aligned, you’re still having a tough time driving more business because lesser competitors are more visible than you are.

The problem is, it’s only getting tougher.

The digital landscape has changed quite dramatically in the last few years, even in the last few months. Online search behaviours have shifted while a crowded marketplace has grown more competitive and noisy by the second.

As a result, search engines like Google are more sophisticated than ever before, evolving at an accelerated pace. Most search engine optimization (SEO) practices, however, remain outdated, offering only band-aid solutions that fail to address fundamental issues let alone provide a clear strategy for growth.

The Key to Creating Real Momentum Online

Chasing higher rankings is misleading. Without a clear strategy, they’re only vanity metrics. They often fail to create traction and the results they produce, if any, are fleeting at best. Instead, an effective, long-term approach is to achieve higher visibility — and to do it in a productive, scalable, and sustainable way.

It starts with a strong online presence that showcases your thought leadership, aligns it with your audience, addresses their pain points, and helps their journey in solving them. Modern SEO best practices combined with positioning, content marketing, and digital PR efforts will amplify it and drive more organic traffic naturally.

Moreover, it will also help you:

  • Expand your brand awareness;
  • Gain and maintain a competitive edge;
  • Crush even your toughest competitors;
  • Become an in-demand authority;
  • Dominate and expand your market;
  • Stand out without risk to your reputation;
  • Drive more qualified traffic and leads;
  • Improve your audience engagement;
  • Attract more ideal clients to your firm;
  • Easily convert more prospective clients;
  • Grow and scale your business; and,
  • Quickly adapt to unforeseen changes.

How to Increase Your Marketing Visibility

Visibility Booster™ starts with a comprehensive 360° deep-dive look into your current marketing visibility, your online presence, and your audience. It identifies important issues to address and uncovers any gaps worth pursuing. I then create a strategic, long-term roadmap to guide you or your team on what to do to improve it.

It’s not an SEO audit or some quick-fix solution using outdated, snake-oil SEO tactics that promise overnight rankings. It’s a holistic marketing approach that aims to drive visible growth for your business. For some, it may take a few weeks. For others, it may take a few months or more depending on a number of factors, such as:

  1. The number of issues to address,
  2. The complexity of the project,
  3. And the resources available.

It starts with a free discovery call to see if we’re a good fit. We will discuss your business and your goals, and I can provide you with a good idea of what you need and how long it will take.

If you only want a high-level SEO audit and marketing analysis, along with a list of the most important issues to address and my recommendations, I also offer a pared-down version called the Visibility Detox.™ If you only need some quick wins or fixes, I also offer private 1:1 virtual coaching sessions you can record.

For more, visit my consulting page or book a discovery call.

Latest Contributions

Here are some recent articles I wrote for other SEO websites, publications, and online educational resources.

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User-First SEO: A Modern Approach to Growing Your Online Visibility

Traditional, keyword-first SEO tries to appeal to both searchers and search engines, resulting in compromises. A user-first SEO approach naturally appeals to search engines because they have evolved in order to meet the same objective you have, which is to help the user.

In this article, learn about the difference between traditional vs. modern SEO, how ranking factors can mislead, as well as how to adopt user-first SEO to increase your search visibility.

User-First SEO: How to Grow Your Visibility By Focusing Less on Google’s Algorithms, written by Michel Fortin and published on

How to Grow Your Visibility By Focusing Less on Google’s Algorithms

SEO often tries to be Google-friendly while trying to be user-friendly at the same time. The chase can often be futile and it ends up hurting both your rankings and your visitors. Instead, adopt a user-first SEO approach that will satisfy both more effectively.

In this article, learn how to conduct research using your users’ paint points, and how to assemble a content architecture that guides the user’s journey from search to satisfaction.

SEO May Get You Rankings, But SXO Will Get You Results, by Michel Fortin and published on

SEO May Get You Rankings, But SXO Will Get You Results

SEO is used to be about keywords and backlinks. But now, particularly with the help of machine learning and AI, SEO is more about optimizing for the experience, leading to a demand for search experience optimization, where quality content and UX dominate.

In this article, learn about the different types of user intent, the levels of search awareness, and how to cater to each one, which will result in higher quality traffic and engagement.

Semantic SEO: Why Rankings Are Terrible Metrics, written by Michel Fortin and published on

Semantic SEO: Why Rankings Are Terrible Metrics

Search engines used to be about matching queries lexically. Today, however, they match them semantically (i.e., using context rather than the content of the query). Semantic SEO looks at the broader meaning of keywords, which is why rankings alone are insufficient.

In this article, discover why chasing rankings is myopic, how to create topically relevant content that will attract better traffic, and which KPIs are better to measure SEO.