Visibility Marketing, SEO Consulting, and Digital Strategy

Michel Fortin

I’m a marketing and strategy consultant with decades of winning experience in generating visibility, demand, and revenue. I provide marketing advisory services to help businesses and marketing leaders improve their SEO, positioning, communications, and PR strategy.

Michel Fortin, marketing visibility consultant and visibility marketing coach.

Hi, I’m Michel Fortin.

Marketing stuck? Growth hit a plateau?

I help companies and marketing leaders drive greater awareness, demand, and revenue for their businesses by identifying visibility gaps and helping them leverage strategic growth opportunities.

Who am I? Since 1991, I’ve helped generate over a billion dollars for my clients, from motivated entrepreneurs to enterprise-level, multinational companies spanning 200+ different industries. I’ve also pioneered many game-changing digital marketing strategies, and I’m the author of several books and countless articles.

Today, I advise my clients on how to grow their businesses using using an integrated approach that encompasses SEO, positioning, marketing communications, and digital PR, among others.

Michel Fortin - Speaking at Ottawa University on SEO and communications
Michel Fortin speaking at Ottawa University on SEO and communications

Why You’re Struggling to Gain Traction

Perhaps you’re an established business with a well-known brand. Growth, however, still seems painfully slow. But even when the stars are aligned, you’re still having a tough time driving more business because lesser competitors are more visible than you are.

The problem is, it’s only getting tougher.

For one, the digital landscape has changed dramatically in the last few years, even in the last few months. AI has exploded and SEO no longer works the way it used to. Search engines are more sophisticated than ever, evolving at an accelerated pace.

In our post-COVID world, searching and buying behaviours have shifted dramatically, too, while a crowded marketspace has grown more competitive and noisy by the second.

But today, most SEO and marketing practices remain stale and outdated, offering only band-aid solutions that fail to address fundamental issues, let alone provide a clear strategy for growth. They fail to create traction. And results, if any, are fleeting at best.

There’s a better way.

The Key to Creating Real Momentum Online

A more effective, long-term approach is to achieve greater visibility — and to do it in a productive, scalable, and sustainable way. It comes down to presence, prominence, and performance. In other words, it starts with showcasing your value, aligning it with your audience, and optimizing it for their specific journey.

Combining user-first SEO with positioning, content, and digital PR will drive more traffic naturally. Moreover, it will also help you:

  • Expand your brand awareness;
  • Gain and maintain a competitive edge;
  • Crush even your toughest competitors;
  • Become an in-demand authority;
  • Dominate and expand your market;
  • Stand out without risk to your reputation;
  • Drive more qualified traffic and leads;
  • Improve your audience engagement;
  • Attract more ideal clients to your firm;
  • Easily convert more prospective clients;
  • Grow and scale your business; and,
  • Quickly adapt to unforeseen changes.

How to Increase Your Marketing Visibility

I offer three levels of service.

Just need a fresh pair of eyes on your existing strategy or need help with a specific issue? A 1:1 Private Strategy Call is a virtual meeting where you can pick my brains and ask me your most pressing questions. You can also record the session for reference.

Need a little more help? Maybe a high-level look into your SEO results, brand positioning, or content strategy? Visibility Detox™ provides you with an analysis of your current marketing efforts with a list of general recommendations and issues to address.

It’s not some automated SEO audit or a just a bunch of quick-fix, snake-oil “hacks” that promise overnight rankings. It’s a holistic, 100% tailored approach that aims to identify important issues to address, any opportunity gaps worth pursuing, and growth drivers in your business you can exploit to create visible traction.

Want a lot more? Perhaps a more strategic, in-depth analysis and roadmap to guide you on what to do to? Visibility Booster™ is my signature service that includes a comprehensive 360° deep dive into your visibility, your brand, and above all, your audience.

This service may take a few weeks or more depending on the size and scope of the project, and the number of issues to address. Then, it provides you with a detailed set of steps to implement, broken down into phases, from the most critical to the least.