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The 10 Commandments of Power Positioning

July 31, 2020
  • Introduction
  • Warning!
  • Top-of-Mind Awareness
  • Thou Shall Not Copy
  • Thou Shall Appoint Thyself
  • Thou Shall Make The Ordinary Extraordinary
  • The Customary
  • The Assumed
  • The Unique
  • Thou Shall Find More With Less
  • Thou Shall Divide and Conquer
  • Thou Shall Take it Step by Step
  • Thou Shall Speak Softly but Carry a Big Stick
  • Thou Shall Become a Celebrity
  • Thou Shall Seek Out and Spread Out
  • Thou Shall Make Thy Net Work
    • Info-Networking
    • Auto-Networking
    • Intra-Networking
  • Bonus! Thou Shall Put it in Writing
    • A Business Portfolio
    • A Reference Binder
    • A Presentation Binder
    • And Media Kits (lots of them!)

    I wrote this booklet back in 1992.…

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    The Death of The Salesletter 1 |

    The Death of The Salesletter

    September 7, 2009
    • Genesis
    • Web Two-Point… What?
    • Hype or Hope?
    • How Is The Internet Different?
    • Shorter Salesletters But More Copy
    • Multisensorial Salesletters
    • The “Samplification” of the Web
    • Personality-Driven Sales Experience
    • Sensory-Driven Sales Experience
    • The Demise of Dull, Drab, and Dingy
    • Show Me The Goods
    • So, What’s Next?

    Back in late 2006, what started out as a New Year's series of predictions of sorts ostensibly became one of the most downloaded, most controversial, and most talked about documents in the history of my career.

    It was in keeping with that annual January tradition, where a plethora of bloggers flood the Internet with their predictions about online trends, emerging technologies, Internet flops, growing industries, rumored takeovers, ad nauseum.…

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