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The Reason I Prefer Email As My Information Source

When it comes to getting the information (such as news or articles to read) I need, I prefer emails. Not blogs, feeds, social media, or apps. I like email because it helps me manage my time better. For one, I get thousands of emails each week.…
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A Little Rant About ADHD Disclosure 1 |

A Little Rant About ADHD Disclosure

I'm taking a little detour today because of something that just happened. In an ADHD support group I'm a member of, someone asked the following question: I was told that I shouldn't disclose my ADHD diagnosis to places of work.…
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The Silver Lining Behind The Cloud 3 |

The Silver Lining Behind The Cloud

Recently, I shut down one of my businesses. With COVID and a number of other factors, many personal, I decided that I needed to focus my energy on my core business, which is my independent marketing consultancy.…
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Focus on what makes you different

I Was Lying For Over 30 Years

For the better part of 30 years, I told the story of how I got into marketing and copywriting, which was completely by accident. I only recently realized that I've been wrong all along. Well, not entirely, because the story is certainly true.…
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Perfection Is The Perfect Way To Ruin Good Marketing

Perfection Is The Perfect Way To Ruin Good Marketing

This week, I watched a video from one of my favourite people, Dori Clark, who talked about writer's block. She said, “I don't believe in writer's block, it doesn't exist.” Her point, coming from a journalism background, is that when you're facing constant deadlines, you never have writer's block because you can't have it.…
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"To Know Thyself Is The Beginning Of Wisdom." 5 |

“To Know Thyself Is The Beginning Of Wisdom.”

Want to grow your practice, make more money, learn a new skill, or improve your business? In order to get to the next level, whether it's in your career, business, or life, you need to think, act, communicate, network, plan, lead, and delegate like the next level.…
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Rip Up Your To-Do List And Use This Instead 7 |

Rip Up Your To-Do List And Use This Instead

I've used many task management programs throughout my career. Whether they were to-do lists, daily planners, journal notebooks, online tools, software applications (too many!), etc. Name it and I've probably used it.…
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The Pitfalls and Blessings of ADHD

Preamble. After I wrote this article on LinkedIn, a few people asked me to publish it in a more public medium so they can share it. So I decided to reprint it here. Please feel free to share it, too.
This week, I read an article by another coach and copywriter about her recent ADHD diagnosis at age 45.…
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Get More Done Faster With These 6 Tips

Table Of Contents
1. Take Responsibility2. Understand The Law of Contraction3. Break It Down4. Document The Process5. Be As Specific As Possible6. Take It One Step At a Time
The other day, one of my coaching students emailed me about his dilemma — something that's all too common in our business.…
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