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Of All Marketing Skills, Which One is The Most Important? 1 | marketing skills

Of All Marketing Skills, Which One is The Most Important?

Of all marketing skills, which one is the most important? SEO? PPC? Copywriting? Advertising? Web design? Social media? There is one that trumps everything.
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Why Do I Blog? 3 |

Why Do I Blog?

You may have been the victim of “question tagging” on social media. That's when you're typically tagged by someone else, where the tagger was initially tagged by someone else, must answer a question, and gets to continue to the trend by tagging someone else.…
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microphone, voice, sound

Allowing Your Voice to Find You

I have a confession to make. Before I share it with you, please note that some of the links in this article will lead to content that uses strong language. I'm into hard rock and classic rock. As a drummer in multiple bands, I've mostly played rock and grunge bands, with a side of country from time to time.…
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letters, envelope, old

5 Ways to Promote Anything By Email

I'm subscribed to several newsletters, as you know. I love soaking up as much information as possible and learning as much as I can about my profession. I want to stay relevant and on top of what's going on.…
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percent, one hundred, 100

On Perfect-Fit Clients and Productized Services

I may be a professional independent marketing consultant, but I'm still a freelancer. Sure, the distinction I often hear is that a freelancer does mostly execution work where a consultant mostly… consults.…
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What Reality TV Shows Teach About Marketing

What Reality TV Shows Teach About Marketing

It's that time where that much-anticipated event is taking over our screens, social media feeds, and pop culture news. Yes, it's the new season of The Bachelorette. Something you may not know about me is that my wife has a nephew who's part of the 2020 lineup.…
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girl, english, dictionary

The Changing Language of Marketing

I'm a history buff and an armchair linguistic anthropologist. I don't have any formal education in it, but I love learning about languages, where they came from, how they evolved, and how they shaped culture and civilization.…
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Start up entrepreneur

Testing a Reverse Content Marketing Approach

I'm trying something new today. After watching a presentation by Philip Morgan, he recommended that, to improve your writing, you need to reduce friction from your writing process. I agree. First, a few important points.…
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home office, laptop, notebook

Getting Focused By Focusing (On A Niche)

Earlier today, I was interviewed for a virtual event on copywriting in the health space. One of the questions was about my ADHD, how it influenced me, and what others can learn, especially if they’re new and just starting out.…
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