Content Amplification to Become a Recognized Authority

Add to your attractability, you need to position yourself as an authority. The best way is to become a recognized expert is to use content amplification.


Don’t Be Transparent, Be Authentic Instead

Some people tend to tweet, blog, post, and status-update their little hearts out. Be it on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, their own blog, or whatever. They say it’s all about being “transparent,” and transparency is good. But I think we need to be careful. Transparency may seem trendy. It may seem noble or humble. But […]


5 Important Reasons Why Your Users Should Buy From You

The other day, one of my readers asked me the following question, which I found rather interesting: “Why should the author of a product be included in their sales copy?” Seems like a pretty redundant question, right? Especially to any veteran copywriter or marketer worth their salt. But the question didn’t stop there. The reader […]