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How to Get Backlinks? Stop Chasing Them

One of the most common tactics for SEO, and it's something that a lot of SEO experts swear by, is building backlinks. SEO backlinks don't have to be painful.
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What is “Search Intent” and Why is it Important?

With SEO, plastic surgeons can provide good content and user experience. But it won't generate results if the content doesn't match the user's search intent.
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Creating a plastic surgery SEO content strategy based on analysis and smart decisions.

Why You Need a Plastic Surgery SEO Content Strategy [Guide]

Plastic surgeons need an SEO content strategy. Here's how to create one using keyword research, competitive analysis, a content audit, and content planning.
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The Right Content Architecture For Plastic Surgeons

Plastic surgeon websites are often disorganized. Having the right content architecture helps plastic surgery SEO by making information easy to find and consume.
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What SEO Tools Do I Use With Plastic Surgery?

Google scrutinizes medical information. So I use SEO tools to improve expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness signals with plastic surgery SEO.
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Google, SEO, and implicit feedback as a ranking factor

Are Domain Name Keywords Ranking Factors for SEO?

Are domain name keywords ranking factors? Specifically, do keywords in the domain name itself as well as a keyword-driven TLD help SEO? Google provides clues.
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passages ranking SEO and content labyrinths

Passages Ranking SEO With Structured Content

Is passage rankings SEO possible? No. But you can help Google understand your content better by structuring your content to identify relevant passages.
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4 Local SEO Tips to Boost Your Visibility Locally

Local SEO boosts your visibility in location-based searches (maps, business listings, reviews, etc). Here's how patients can find your plastic surgery clinic.
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Can Some Words Stop You From Ranking?

Stop words was said to negatively influence SEO eons ago. But today, deep learning algorithms are sophisticated, and stop words actually help provide context.
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