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What's better for video seo: self-hosted or YouTube?

How Will Video SEO Help Ranking?

Does hosting your own videos help SEO or can hosting them elsewhere like YouTube hurt it? Here are some video SEO tips I gave this plastic surgeon who asked.
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2 Key Expertise SEO Signals For Plastic Surgeons

An SEO audit investigated the drop in traffic for a plastic surgeon. Rankings dropped because the site lacked expertise SEO signals all medical sites must have.
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SEO manager: finding the perfect one is like looking for a unicorn?

4 Traits to Look For in an SEO Manager

Hiring a marketing or SEO manager? There are 4 traits they should possess. Before considering hiring an SEO specialist or expert, here's what I would look for.
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Content creation vs content expansion? What's best for SEO? Experts confirm.

Content Creation or Content Expansion? SEO Experts Confirm

Content creation doesn't have to be new content. Strategy can include a refresh of existing content by expanding older content. Marketing it is easier, too.
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When Moving Your Site, Don’t Leave Your SEO Behind

Moving or changing your domain name can result in a loss in rankings and traffic. Carefully plan the switch to preserve the SEO of your plastic surgery site.
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Visual Content Marketing Starts With SEO

With plastic surgeons, visual content marketing is key. However, here are three important SEO tips you must apply to your visual content before marketing it.
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SEO and Content Strategy Creates Relationships, Not Traffic

Develop an SEO content strategy at every stage of the funnel. This will help your SEO by attracting prospective patients at different levels of awareness.
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How to Come Up With Great Ideas for SEO Content

When it comes to SEO content. The best content answers the viewer's questions. The best content attracts qualified traffic when you target the right market.
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SEO Content Creation Strategy For Plastic Surgeons

Defining the goal before strategizing content is crucial in developing a great SEO content creation strategy. Consistency is key when developing authoritativeness.
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