Who is Michel Fortin? (Short Career History)

As the first video in my vlogging/podcasting journey, I decided to give you a bit of history about me, where I come from, what I did to become who I am today, and where I’m going. I little shaky and I’m testing the camera, sound, angle, and lighting.

(Lots of fixes I need to do, but that’s why it’s a test!)

If you liked my little vlog and you have a question you would like for me to answer (or a website, a piece of copy, or a marketing strategy you want me to critique), please let me know.

Visit the YouTube channel and post in the comments, or simply hashtag me at #AskMichel on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, or LinkedIn. I’ll put it in the queue and answer it when I can.

Here are some of the links mentioned in the video:

About The Author

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Michel Fortin

Michel Fortin is a certified SEO consultant, content strategist, and marketing advisor helping plastic surgeons, cosmetic surgeons, and medical aesthetic clinics attract more patients. Since 1991, he helps cosmetic and aesthetic professionals increase their visibility and grow their practices. He is the author of the More Traffic Memo™ SEO email newsletter.

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