When people are asked to do something, especially if it means to give up something else (like their attention, email, or money), there will always be some resistance.

There's no real way of removing that natural inclination as it is part of human nature. But there are plenty of ways to reduce it or control it.

One way is to minimize the commitment or risk.

For instance, if the action requested seems long or people typically assume that it is, add copy that gives them an idea of how much of a commitment you're asking of them.

Say something like: “Read more for complete details (it only takes 3-4 minutes).” Or “fill out this short form (only 5 easy questions).”

If you offer a free trial, and let's say you only need their email address (or some other contact information) but no payment information, then put near the call-to-action button something like “no credit card required.”

In short, if it seems like a lot of work, even when it's not, it already is. So make it easier on your reader by telling them instead. Don't let them assume the worst.