Giving Thanks With This Birthday Giveaway

It’s Thanksgiving in Canada, so it’s time to give thanks. It’s also my birthday. That’s why I’m the one who’s going to give you a gift (there’s only one condition, so read on).

I want to give thanks to all my loyal subscribers and readers. But there’s another perfectly good and more important reason.

I need to make some room!

You see, I have 3,000 copies of one of my books in storage, and I need to get rid of them. Fast! So I’m fully prepared to give them away. For free. Let me give you some background first…

You see, last year I quietly released my new book on, entitled Million Dollar Marketing Secrets. In it, I was joined by 21 other fantastic marketers, consultants, speakers and business-builders.

(Other top copywriters have also contributed to this amazing book, including Ray Edwards, Clayton Makepeace, JP Maroney, Jason Moffatt, Shaune Clark, John Gilvary, Marc Goldman, Ryan Healy, Alan Forrest Smith, and many others.)

And, together we jam-packed this book with hard-hitting, actionable information on how to grow a business with marketing that really works.

No theory. Stuff that’s proven.

(And with today’s sluggish and uncertain economic times, this incredible book is more powerful — and more potent — than ever!)

Below are the pictures of the front and back covers, and I’ve also included a chapter table of contents further down this blog post. Also, you can see a picture of how my office corner looks like — the boxes on the right hold about 3,000 copies!

Problem is, while the book is fulfilled by a fulfillment house, as an author I have boxes of this book (about 3,000 copies) in storage for my own marketing purposes. I was initially planning on selling them at the back of the room at seminars.

I could have — and should have — tried to sell them online. But with my main business requiring so much of my focus and attention with my wife Sylvie Fortin these days, I simply didn’t have the chance.

So here’s what I’m prepared to do to make it really worth your while — and to help me deplete my stock so we can make room in our office.

I’m also going to sweeten the pot by making you a special offer!

1. First, join Copy Doctor today at a massive discount.

I’m prepared to give the same $300 discount I gave during my 10th anniversary special last year off the lifetime membership fee, which is normally $697. Yup, that means a lifetime subscription to Copy Doctor membership site for ONLY $397.

There are no other fees. No recurring payments. No hidden charges.

All you need to do is, when you checkout, use coupon code: 2126F.

That’s two-one-two-six-F. You’ll find the coupon field at the bottom of the order page. Once processed, the $300 will be automatically applied when you checkout.

But here’s something extra…

2. When you fill-in your Copy Doctor account details as you check out, make sure to add your postal address details on the order page. That way, I can mail you a hard copy of this book, Million Dollar Marketing Secrets, right away.

So not only will you get access to over 60 hours of training video and copywriting critiques from me, you will also get a copy of this stunning book with 22 top marketers sharing their best marketing secrets.

Again, it’s filled with tons of tips and tricks to boost your marketing, especially in the current economic climate. If you think you’ve been hit hard by threats of the recent economic downturn, then this book is perfect for you.

To give you an example, here’s the table of contents:

  1. Never Sell Anything People Don’t Want To Buy: How to Tailor Your Marketing Message to Connect With Your Client’s Hidden Buying Triggers — Susan Adams (page 13)
  2. e-Media Marketing: 9 Steps To Online Publicity
    Tom Antion (page 21)
  3. Free Sex! (aka: No Rules… Just Results): How To Break Away From Your Competitors With Outside-The-Box Marketing Tactics
    Jack Bastide (page 31)
  4. Million Dollar Networking Strategies: High-Leverage Secrets To Add Value To Every Moment Of Your Networking Experience
    Andy and Shawn Catsimanes (page 41)
  5. Stop The Hype & Hard Closes: Sell Even More With “Indirect Persuasion™”
    Shaune Clarke (page 51)
  6. Prove It! How To Harness The Power Of Testimonials To Increase Sales
    Eileen Coale (page 61)
  7. Baby Got Back-End: How to Reclaim 70% to 90% of Your Lost Profits by Harnessing the Power of Repeat Sales
    Lee and Robin Collins (page 71)
  8. Results-Driven Radio: 7 Keys To Making A Fortune Using Radio Advertising
    Ray Edwards (page 81)
  9. Conversational Selling Strategies: How To Get Prospects To Close Themselves
    Ed Forteau (page 91)
  10. The 10 Commandments of Power Positioning: The Proven, Simple And Profitable Alternative To Old Fashioned Prospecting
    Michel Fortin (page 101)
  11. Using Gift Cards To Grow Your Business: Can Gift Cards Really Be The Most Profitable Item You Sell?
    John Gilvary (page 111)
  12. Let Go & Grow! How To Do Less And Accomplish More In Your Business With Profitable Outsourcing
    Marc Goldman (page 121)
  13. Setting The Buying Criteria: How To Outmaneuver Your Competition And Convert More Prospects Into Customers
    Ryan Healy (page 131)
  14. Golden Handcuffs: How To Lock-In Customer Loyalty With Superior Service
    Andy Jacobs (page 141)
  15. Legendary Branding: How To Make Magic Through Every Touch With A Customer Or Prospect
    Ben Mack (page 151)
  16. Make Your Product’s Benefits Sparkle: 5 Steps To Connect Product Benefits With Prospects’ Most Powerful Response-Boosting Emotions
    Clayton Makepeace (page 161)
  17. Strategic Marketing Multipliers: How To Create Windfall Business Profits With The Power Of Leverage!
    JP Maroney (page 171)
  18. Monkey Bar Marketing: The Fundamentals Of Fun And The Art Of Playing — Jason “Profit” Moffatt (page 181)
  19. The E3 Marketing Mindset: How One Transaction Can Make You Independently Wealthy For Life
    John Nevo (page 191)
  20. The Yellow Pages Dilemma: How To Face Your Competition Head-On, And Attract A Steady Stream Of New Business
    Alan Saltz (page 201)
  21. Your Company Name Here: How To Turn Freebies Into Profitable Promotions — Melanie Sibbitt (page 211)
  22. Micro Budget Marketing For Maximum Profits: Proven Tricks That Create A Flood Of New Sales Without Spending Hardly A Bean On Marketing
    Alan Forrest Smith (page 221)
  23. Resources From Our Co-Authors: Books, Reports, CDs, Videos and More
    Appendix (page 230)

This book contains 22 distinct, yet complimentary perspectives on the topic of how to grow a business with effective marketing. The ideas, techniques, principles and strategies contained within the pages of this book include:

  • A little-known secret to outmaneuver the economy and make windfall profits year in and year out (this one tactic is particularly important right now!)
  • How to develop a marketing message that connects with your best prospects
  • 7 Essentials for increasing sales
  • Turning ordinary ideas into extraordinary marketing
  • How to get valuable attention for your business
  • 9 Steps to online publicity
  • How to brand yourself and your business
  • Easy ways to turn freebies and giveaways into prospecting magnets
  • How to cultivate the right attitude for profitable business networking
  • Steps to sucking massive profits from your client list
  • Where and how to use testimonials
  • How to turn radio advertising into a sales booster
  • A secret tactic to ignite your advertising response
  • How to sell based on service — not price
  • The trick for tapping prospects’ true buying motives
  • How to create a systematic sales and marketing process
  • Keys to placing your business at the top of prospects’ minds at all times
  • How to incorporate gift cards into your marketing mix
  • Key to generating big returns on marketing investment
  • An underutilized marketing method that brings clients to you faster than ever
  • How to get more out of your business with less time
  • Insider strategies for yellow pages advertising
  • How to have fun and make money too
  • Strategies for creating a lasting business brand
  • A simply way to stop prospects from price shopping
  • How turn an average business into extraordinary profits
  • And much, much more.

If you want to go further, we’ve included contact information for each co-author on the first page of each chapter. Each co-author is a recognized expert, and most provide additional services like consulting, coaching, copywriting, speaking, and training.

Plus, you also get special bonuses and offers!

Because, beginning on page 231 of Million-Dollar Marketing Secrets, you’ll find other resources available from our co-authors including: reports, newsletters, books, audio and video programs, assessment tools, and other training systems.

So won’t you help me celebrate my birthday and make room in my office?

Order today. Go ahead and become a Copy Doctor member at almost half price (for life!) by using coupon code 2126F, and I’ll send you a copy of this amazing book.

Click here for this birthday giveaway special offer.

You’re going to love it. And dare I say, you also need it now more than ever. But more important, you’re going to help me make some room in my overcrowded office so I can keep on focusing on the best birthday present ever… YOU!

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