Tip #2: Be Odd, Off, and Obscure to Be Believable

Numbers have always been great at arousing curiosity. Especially in headlines. When people see numbers, like “top 10 bread-baking shortcuts for non-bakers,” those who fall within that target market will wonder, “what are they?” Other examples include: “10 fears people are afraid to talk about.” “Turn your marriage around in 24 hours or less!” “How …

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What Copy Cosmetics Communicate

I used to run a copywriters forum. The members once fiercely debated the differences between “clean copy” and “clunky copy,” and how design can affect response. What’s “clunky”? I’m talking about odd layouts, inconsistent typestyles, different-looking fonts, garish colors, overemphasis using formatting tricks (like underlining, highlighting, bolding, italicizing, etc), and so on. In other words, …

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