Do you feel overwhelmed handling customer support requests? Is your customer support system taking you away from working on your business and growing it?

If so, we have some fantastic news.

We are currently acepting new clients for our topnotch customer care packages and sought-after customer support services at

Whether you need to provide pre-sales support, post-sales support, responses to customer queries, handling support tickets, providing aid and assistance, and most importantly, boost repeat and referral business…

… Our team of skilled customer support advocates can help you!

If you've wondered if outsourcing your customer support is right for you or your business, first understand that dealing with customers goes beyond simply answering emails or running a “helpdesk.” Waaaaaay beyond.

Your customer support system is or should be a team. It's your “silent sales and marketing partner” helping you make more sales, get referrals, and keep existing ones by reducing refunds and returns…

… And they're not just merely handling support requests.

The fact is, you need knowledgeable, courteous staff who understand: 1) business, 2) marketing, and, more importantly, 3) customers! That's the key. Customer support reps are customer care advocates — not menial clerks who only handle tickets.

I previously talked about customer support being the hidden moneymaker in your business. Because the people who work closely with your customers are or should be a profit center for your business and not an expense.

As advocates, their job is not to serve your customers only when they need it. It is to ensure they have a positive, and profitable, customer experience.

Think about it. An advocate…

  • Answers your customers' questions and responds to product requests.
  • Tries to upsell the client whenever appropriate (with pressuring the client).
  • Offers other alternatives and ancillary products that might benefit them.
  • Works hard to keep customers happy, retain them, and get them to buy again.
  • And listens to their needs, keeps the sale, and reduces returns and refunds.

When you really think about it, the math makes sense.

Sure, some call centers and outsourced customer support services charge by the hour. The problem, quite often, is the fact that efficiency is left to be desired.

After all, if a worker is paid by the hour, they will take as long as they can to answer customers. Granted, some may do it unconsciously. But they do, like it or not.

To them, it's just a job. Not a service or a business.

More often than not, they couldn't care less. As long as they get paid.

On the other hand, if a worker is paid by salary, then effectiveness may be ignored. They want to get through as many customer supports as efficiently as possible so they can enjoy the rest of their day. Or the rest of their week.

So they become click junkies, speeding through tickets, answering complaints with canned responses, and processing refunds — all of which without paying close attention to any underlying complaints or hidden opportunities.

They fail to make additional sales, save existing sales, or, worst yet, prevent customers from going vocal with their complaints on forums and in social media.

So one is efficient at the expense of effectiveness. The other, vice versa.

At Workaholics4Hire, my wife, Sylvie, has created an environment where she's achieved a perfect balance between both by charging a nominal retainer (based on customer support volume) applied against customer support tickets handled.

Every ticket is the same price, so to speak.

Ultimately, every customer gets the same level of attention and the same quality care — whether they've bought a high-end, high-margin product or a low-end one.

So whether you have just a few support tickets a day or a barrage of tickets flooding your helpdesk every hour, outsource your customer support, reduce your headaches, and boost your bottom line! Get more info and see what we can do for you.