Are You Committing These Sins?

Are You Committing These Sins? 1After typing furiously for the last three days, my wife has finally put together the first part of a three-part manifesto, in which she finally exposes some of the grievous sins committed by many marketers on the Internet.

It has shocked a great number of people, and it will make a lot of people mad. She's also taking a monumental risk by speaking out like this. But she's mad, too, and can't take it anymore.

In it, she not only lashes out at Internet marketers who use stupid (and sometimes illegal) marketing tricks, but also consumers of Internet marketing products who perpetuate them — and what to do about it.

There are 15 sins in all. She will be covering five sins in each installment, and she's currently working on the second. The first five sins are available right now.

This manifesto is free and there are no sales pitches.

There is an opt-in email form in order to notify you when each installment is available. And in it, my wife does offer some links to a few resources, including some of our own. But they are not necessary for you to read and benefit from this report.

Now, an important warning…

She doesn't hold anything back. If you are squeamish or get offended easily, then please don't download it. My wife uses very strong language not intended for younger audiences. So reader discretion is advised.

Click here to go download “Internet Marketing Sins.”