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Plastic surgery SEO site migrations need to be planned carefully. Handle with care!

How to Do Site Migrations Without Losing Traffic

I've recently landed a new client. He's a plastic surgeon in Europe who has split his main website into two: one surgical and one non-surgical. His concern was that the new site (which is now several months old) is not capturing anywhere near the same levels of traffic it used to have on the old site.…
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Choosing Keywords for SEO: Heads or Tails?

Keywords for SEO are no longer the primary ranking factor. Google is more intelligent than ever, it understands if the content is relevant to the search query.
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5 SEO Principles to Follow in 2021: My Predictions

As 2020, comes to a close, here are five of the biggest trends I see increasing in importance and SEO principles we as experts should follow in 2021.
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SEO Strategies: Keeps a Finger On The Pulse

Applying SEO strategies is a long-term process. So is learning SEO. You can't stop working or learning about SEO strategies. Read how I keep a finger on the pulse.
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A well-rounded plastic surgery SEO consultant relies on three aspects of SEO

What Does a Plastic Surgery SEO Consultant Do?

Plastic surgery SEO is hypercompetitive. So to rank well on Google, a 360° plastic surgery SEO consultant looks at not just one but multiple types of SEO.
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Low-Hanging Fruit in Plastic Surgery Marketing

The biggest missed opportunity is content marketing and that this website needs a solid plastic surgery marketing strategy to appeal to a top-of-funnel audience
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5-Step SEO Content Strategy For Plastic Surgeons

If you're a plastic surgeon and you want more patients, you need an SEO content strategy. This will grow your quality organic traffic and lead generation.
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12 SEO Best Practices For Focused UX

For SEO best practices for focused UX, here are 12 tips to consider. Great SEO is best driven by focusing on the user experience within your website.
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Uncover Gold in SEO Keyword Research

Using Google for your SEO keyword research is important. How your audience searches Google, and how Google answers their searches, can qualify search intent.
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