What I'm Doing Now

Unlike my About page, which gives you my background, this is my "Now" page, inspired by Derek Sivers, highlighting what I'm working on, looking for, and interested in right now.

Michel Fortin's office and desk, 2020.
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    Updated April 26, 2021

    What I'm Working On

    What I'm Looking For

    I’m open to considering more opportunities for:

    • SEO consulting and ongoing advisory engagements.
    • Coaching calls one-on-one to give you a quick win.
    • Public speaking at conferences or corporate events.
    • Being a guest on your podcast, show, or livestream.
    • Being a guest lecturer at your school, college, or university.

    If you’re interested in contacting me about any of these opportunities, just shoot me an email at [email protected] or use this online form.

    What I'm Not Looking For

    Unfortunately, my schedule is packed. I'd love to help out, but there are certain things I will refuse and ask that you refrain from contacting me for, including:

    • Free advice or pro bono work.*
    • Speculative or contingency work of any kind.
    • Writing for your publication or blog.
    • Partnership or joint-venture opportunities.
    • Full-time assistance with anything.

    *I might accept some limited commitments working with certain charitable and non-profit organizations in areas that are meaningful to me, such as cancer research, mental health, women's issues, LGBTQ+ issues, and education.

    What Inspires Me Lately

    • I've recently become 100% vegan (both in diet and in lifestyle). I've dabbled in veganism before and was even a vegetarian for years. So removing all forms of animal products from my life is fairly easy for me.
      • I'm doing it for personal reasons: partly for my health, partly on moral grounds, and partly for the environment. They all matter to me.
      • Don't get me wrong: I love the taste of meat. I will miss it terribly. But I can't, in good conscience, contribute to the mistreatment and murder of innocent animals for the sake of appealing to my taste buds.
      • Or as Alex O'Connor said so eloquently on YouTube: "Don't think that I'm blind to the attraction of bacon or steak. But also don't pretend yourself to be blind to the incalculable suffering that was necessary to get these things onto your plate. Ask yourself, is it worth it?"
    • I'm still learning about my recently diagnosed ADHD and how it affects me. But I also realized that it's the key reason for my unique skillset that so many clients find valuable (i.e., being both creative and analytical).
    • I'm a history buff, and I'm deeply fascinated by linguistics and linguistic anthropology; I love learning how language can/has shaped civilizations, cultures, mores, customs, and social constructs.
    • I'm a semi-professional drummer and musician, but these days I play mostly from home as my two bands (country and hard rock) are currently on hiatus because of COVID social distancing rules.

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