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How Quality Content Attracts Quality Traffic 1 | quality traffic

How Quality Content Attracts Quality Traffic

Search intent is something that a lot of SEO professionals talk about. And the reason is, to attract quality traffic, you need to target the right intent.
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seo expert

An SEO Expert Doesn’t Cut Coupons; They Create Value

Even for an SEO expert, there are two types of people. One focuses on doing things right (efficiency), the other on doing the right things (effectiveness).
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Why Do I Blog? 5 |

Why Do I Blog?

You may have been the victim of “question tagging” on social media. That's when you're typically tagged by someone else, where the tagger was initially tagged by someone else, must answer a question, and gets to continue to the trend by tagging someone else.…
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“Good Content” is Good in The Eyes of The Googler

"Good content" is subjective. Quality SEO content may be content that's, among others, useful, actionable, or entertaining. Good is subjective to the googler.
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My Favorite SEO Experts (2021)

There are some people I follow religiously in the SEO space. These SEO experts are quite active on Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. There are too many to mention, so I'll list some now and I might add more later.…
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Helpful Hints for Writing

Preamble: This post was originally written in late 2006. It's my answer to a common question I get quite often. It needed an update, so here it is. Someone recently asked me this question: “I was wondering, ‘What keeps Michel Fortin writing?'…
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How to Do an SEO Competitive Analysis

Performing an SEO competitive analysis can ensure your business is competing for the right keywords and producing quality content with proven results.
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SEO Copywriting with Michel Fortin on The Copywriters Podcast

SEO Copywriting in 2020

On David Garfinkel's copywriting podcast, we talked about SEO copywriting, and how it's just as important for boosting conversion as it is for driving traffic.
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4 steps to do a content refresh SEO wise

How Do You Perform a Content Refresh for Blog SEO?

Refreshing old content improves blog SEO, but it's more than content. Here are 4 steps to follow when updating, expanding, refreshing, or rewriting content.
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