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5-Step SEO Content Strategy For Plastic Surgeons

If you're a plastic surgeon and you want more patients, you need an SEO content strategy. This will grow your quality organic traffic and lead generation.
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12 SEO Best Practices For Focused UX

For SEO best practices for focused UX, here are 12 tips to consider. Great SEO is best driven by focusing on the user experience within your website.
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Uncover Gold in SEO Keyword Research

Using Google for your SEO keyword research is important. How your audience searches Google, and how Google answers their searches, can qualify search intent.
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Bottom-Up SEO Strategy: Why Keyword-First SEO is Wrong

Pain point SEO focuses on solving a problem the user may be facing. An SEO strategy that doesn't take a keyword-first approach may be what you are missing.
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How SEO Video Marketing Boosts Rankings and Conversions 1 | seo video marketing

How SEO Video Marketing Boosts Rankings and Conversions

SEO video marketing is by far the most effective as it engages all the senses — and studies show that the more senses you engage, the higher the conversions will be.
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5 Reasons Why I Switched to SEO Consulting

With 30 years of freelancing experience, Michel Fortin focuses on SEO consulting for medical cosmetic practices. Finding your niche is the key to success.
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The Power of Positive Pressure

Buying a brand new house from a home builder is an interesting exercise. When I bought one years ago, I remember the process of choosing finishes, flooring, cabinets, paints, tiles, fixtures, you name it.…
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What is SXO (Search Experience Optimization)?

SXO (Search Experience Optimization) focuses on the end search. SEO in a sense focuses on optimizing a search engine where SXO optimizes the user's experience.
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Copywriting Productivity Tools to Boost Your Writing

These days, I do a lot of SEO consulting and content strategy work. But a big part of my career was in copywriting. And when I write copy, some tools help me tremendously. Whether it's doing research, writing the copy itself, or working with my clients, there are certain resources that help.…
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SEO and The Law of The Vital Few

SEO, like any other marketing effort, abides by the "law of the vital few." Also called the 80/20 rule, says that 80% of your results will come from 20% of your efforts.
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