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From surfing bulletin boards 40 years ago to helping clients with their marketing and digital strategy, here's a look at my journey, what makes me different, and what that means to you.

Marketing strategist Michel Fortin

Who Am I?

When I first started out as a marketing consultant in the early 90s, cosmetic surgeons hired me to write marketing materials for them — from salesletters to half-hour TV infomercials. Eventually, I managed their entire marketing, which included developing websites during the early days of the Internet.

This blossomed into a successful marketing consultancy that evolved to include other professionals and expert practitioners, such as dentists, chiropractors, lawyers, advisors, accountants, consultants, educators, and marketers.

By the mid-90s, I became the editor of an Internet marketing magazine, which was published by one of the first Internet marketing training companies in the world. I subsequently wrote a few books and created several training programs of my own, one of which grew to 70,000 active members.

Over the course of my career, I've produced thousands of top rankings, written hundreds of profitable marketing pieces, pioneered many game-changing digital marketing strategies, and even broken several industry records.

I also worked with a busy Google Premier Partner digital marketing agency as their Director of Communications. While there, I led a talented, award-winning cross-functional team, and worked with 30+ accounts ranging from small local businesses to enterprise-level multinationals.

Today, I've created a battled-tested framework for successfully attracting ideal clients, building targeted traffic, and turning that traffic into revenue. You can draw from my 30 years of experience to achieve faster results ⏤ without the need to hire a full-time marketing executive.

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Why Work With Me?

There are three important reasons.

1. I'm genuinely passionate about marketing.

It truly excites me when I get to help a client grow their business. Not only do I feel like a kid in a candy store, but I also look at working on a new project as a puzzle that's begging to be solved — and I love puzzles.

That's why you get more than a marketing advisor or fractional CMO who will help you create a more productive marketing strategy. You also get someone who will treat your business and unique challenges as his own.

2. I'm both an ideas person and a numbers one.

I'm a polymath who's both highly creative and analytical. While the artistic part of me wants to brainstorm new ideas, generate interest, and drive demand, the data-driven part of me wants to track, measure, and tweak everything.

That's why you get a well-rounded marketer with a unique combination of skills that many clients find valuable — someone who understands both branding and SEO, communications and conversion rates, copywriting and coding.

3. I'm familiar with the limitations professionals face.

Having worked with professionals in tough, competitive, and highly regulated industries, I have a strong understanding of their marketing challenges, such as complying with the many rules and codes of ethics from their licensing bodies.

That's why you get a marketing professional who intimately understands the importance of attracting ideal clients and increasing revenues without the risk of losing your license or damaging your reputation.

In short, I've had the privilege of working with thousands of businesses just like yours who have grown their visibility, sales, and practices in an ethical and effective way. So get unstuck now. Schedule a call and let's see if I can help.

Something More Personal

One of my favorite memories as a young child 40 years ago was spending most of my free time dialing up bulletin board services. I learned to code and played online role-playing games using a monochrome text-based browser.

Since then, I have been and continue to be deeply fascinated by the Internet and how it’s transforming the way we conduct business. I designed my first website in 1992, was the editor for one of the first Internet marketing companies, and ran the most popular discussion forum on the web for copywriters.

Throughout my career, I've gained deep experience working with countless tools, platforms, and marketing strategies, and even pioneered a few of my own. I continue to expand my knowledge and refine my skills with the same curiosity I had as a child surfing BBSes.

Find out what I'm doing now. When I'm not busy working, I keep myself quite active. Among others, I'm a professional drummer, a murder mystery actor, a competitive powerlifter, a charity spokesperson, and more.

Here are 10 facts about me. I'm Canadian, perfectly bilingual, and grew up in a small town in Québec. Today, I live and work in Rockland, Ontario (near Ottawa), with my wife Barbara, our dog Rudy, and our cat Tula.

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