SEO Strategies: Keeps a Finger On The Pulse

As you probably know, I’m a semi-professional drummer, although the pandemic has put a damper on gigs let alone band practices and jams with fellow musicians. So to keep me in the groove, I practice while listening to songs.

I prefer songs without drums. But sometimes, finding them can be a hassle. Not all songs have drumless versions. Sometimes, I have to look high and low to find them. Other times, I’ll have to download the songs and edit them myself to mute out the drum frequencies. But this can be tedious.

I often watch drummers on YouTube to learn new skills and techniques, and to improve my drumming chops. The other day I was watching one of my favorite drummers and he shared his struggle with finding drumless versions, too.

But then, he shared a free app he found called Moises.

You upload a song to it and it will use machine-learning intelligence to separate the various instruments, allowing you to mute each instrument separately. It does more, too: it can change the tempo, modify the pitch, add a click-track (a metronome), and more.

When it comes to music, this is probably the greatest app I’ve come across in years. I would never have known about it if I didn’t keep working on my drumming and watching videos about it.

Now, what has this to do with your SEO strategies?

Actually, there are two things.

First, SEO is a perpetual process. Rankings are volatile and applying SEO requires constant work. It’s a long-term strategy and won’t ever result in quick, overnight results. But over time, it can become far more lucrative and longer-lasting than short-term, paid methods.

Just like priming a pump and never stopping until water starts flowing, if you stop before you reach the results you seek you will lose the momentum you gained so far — and sometimes, you will have to start from scratch.

But once the water starts flowing, you can ease off on the pump a little and the flow will continue. You can’t stop entirely, however, for if you do the water will eventually turn into a trickle and stop flowing.

Driving organic traffic is the same thing.

SEO strategies start with a full, high-level audit, analysis, and strategy, followed by its execution. But once completed, you can ease off and keep the momentum. But you can’t walk away. You need to keep at it.

Many SEO projects I work on require monthly deep-dives to ensure the strategy stays aligned, to prepare for any changes (such as Google updates), and to adapt to shifts in goals. I also do quarterly reviews and sometimes a complete refresh each year.

The bulk of the SEO work may be done at the beginning but it still requires attention. And as an SEO program matures, resources will also need to change — whether it’s people, methodologies, or software.

Second, SEO is a constant learning process. It works both ways: you can’t stop working on your SEO strategies just as you can’t stop learning about it. Staying on top of industry changes, new tools, and shifts in audience behavior is just as important as staying on top of your website’s traffic and performance.

I keep my drumming chops up to speed by learning and practicing. That includes playing drums even when I can’t play live with my bandmates, as well as watching drummers on YouTube to learn new techniques.

SEO strategies are no different.

An SEO expert takes new courses, acquires new certifications, listens to SEO podcasts, and tries out new tools. They also attend conferences and workshops, such as Search Marketing Expo, SEJ eSummit, and MozCon.

(I love the fact that they are done virtually this time. For me, it’s no different than watching my Youtube videos. But I do miss mingling with people, though.)

Today’s plastic surgery procedures are nowhere near what they were when I first started out. The best surgeons I know are not only the most skilled but also perpetual learners, researchers, and even pioneers in their fields.

If your patients want the best possible results from the best plastic surgeons using the most advanced, up-to-date techniques and tools, why expect any differently from your SEO professional?

I’ve said this many times before: a consummate professional is also a perpetual student. This applies to any and every professional.

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