Is Your Marketing Giving You Heartburn?

I consume copious amounts of caffeine.

I drink Death Wish Coffee, which is 3x the amount of caffeine of regular coffee. My body is pretty desensitized to it. It actually calms me down and helps me focus. Perhaps it’s my ADHD, where my brain craves stimulation.

But late last year, I started getting heartburn all the time.

My doctor told me, “It’s the caffeine.” So I tried decaf. Aside from the headaches and caffeine withdrawal, heartburn was still around.

Family and friends told me, “It’s the coffee.” So I tried switching to tea (e.g., green tea, black tea, whatever). Still got heartburn.

Skimming the socials, several people said, “It’s the heat.” So I tried iced coffee. That helped a little, but the heartburn was still there. 

I was getting pretty frustrated.

One day, I entered my local Starbucks for an iced frappuccino, which seems to be the only thing that my stomach could somewhat tolerate. The thoughtful cashier suggested I should try cold brew coffee

It’s coffee that sits in cold water overnight. Boiling water releases the coffee immediately, while cold brew slowly releases it over 12-24 hours. The result is 65% less acidity than regular hot coffee.

“I’ll try it,” I told the cashier. “What have I got to lose?”

My world has been changed forever!

No more heartburn. No more headaches.

Today, I have two huge 64oz mason jars with pour lids I bought from Amazon, with a metal micron stainless steel filter. One is brewing in rotation.

What has that got to do with marketing, you ask?

Sometimes you just have to try different things to finally find the one “thing” that can change your entire business model, approach, or perspective. Or like in my case, that can stop the pain.

This applies to everything in business. Sometimes you need to cut out…

  • Time-sucking clients or staff.
  • Unprofitable products or services.
  • Unnecessary product or service features.
  • Unproductive marketing channels.
  • Useless content that’s cannibalizing rankings.
  • Undesirable tasks you can outsource or delegate.
  • Or as we learned through COVID, large centralized offices with expensive leases, which are often for the ego-stroking corporate veneers they create.

Heck, it may even be yourself getting out of your own way.

Thing is, sometimes taking those things right out can be painful or too risky. Especially if it’s something you need or can’t live without. Like my coffee.

So a better approach is to take baby steps.

You can do this by trying different things to find the “thing” that makes massive improvements. But you have to be willing to try different things. You can also do this by removing parts or trying it just temporarily.

There are myriad ways to do this, which would take me a whole book to uncover. So, I’ll leave it here.

For now, just know this…

Some of the things you’re hoarding or holding back from removing, reducing, or replacing altogether may be giving you the source of your heartburn.

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