My Top 10 Favorite Email Newsletters

I’m a news junkie, particularly business and marketing news.

After my email about email (specifically, about why I prefer email as my source of information), a subscriber asked me about what newsletters do I read.

I mentioned that I’m subscribed to about 80-100 email newsletters, many of which are in my industry (marketing and digital marketing). I’m sure you’re subscribed to newsletters in your profession or industry, too. But here are my top 10, and some you might be interested in.

1. Understandably

Bill Murphy Jr., the former editor at, writes a daily email that offers some great advice and insights into the world of business. Each email comes with a list of “worthy reads;” links to other articles he thinks are interesting. They are.

2. The Morning Brew (including The Marketing Brew)

Most of the newsletters I’m subscribed to are not full-length articles but rather short summaries and digestible stories. Perfect for my ADHD. Morning Brew is about business while Marketing Brew is specifically about, well, take a guess.

3. The Daily Skimm

The name says it all. It “skims” the most important news and delivers it in bite-sized chunks. It’s kind of like the “executive book summaries” of news. But it also tells it in a truly engaging way. You have to read it to believe it.

4. Inc. This Morning

I was subscribed to Inc. long before Murphy left to start Understandably (I think he still contributes). Inc. This Morning has the same Murphy style although shorter. It offers just one daily news summary, followed by links worth reading.

5. Mashable Top Stories Newsletter

I’ve been a Mashable subscriber since its very beginnings. They do have pop culture and political news, but they also offer business, marketing, and tech news. As a “news mashup service” (hence the name), articles are brief.

6. The Hustle

The Hustle is another business newsletter that offers a lot of news and trends in the business and digital worlds. Much like the others listed here, it offers a few short articles, with a list of links or “snippets” to readworthy articles.

7. The Daily Carnage

Published by Carney, a digital marketing agency, The Daily Carnage is also a newsletter with articles, news, and links. I like them because they survey their audiences often, and sometimes publish some really interesting statistics.

5. For The Interested

Josh Spector publishes a weekly roundup newsletter. I love what he finds as they’re relevant and interesting to me. They range from marketing and business, to creativity, productivity, and personal and professional development.

9. Copyblogger

Here’s another that I’ve been subscribed to and a fan of since its beginning. Brian Clark grown a small, one-person blog to a content empire. It’s all things copywriting, including content marketing, advertising, social media, and more.

10. MarketingProfs

I joined MarketingProfs when I taught marketing 20 years ago in college. “Profs” originally meant “professionals and professors.” Similar to many of the ones mentioned (sensing a theme?), it offers links to newsworthy marketing content.

There you have it.

There are many more, of course. But these are the ones that are top of mind at the moment. That’s probably because I really like newsletters with daily, digestible news stories or links to relevant articles.

I know I’m missing a few other good ones. Do you have any favorites? Send them over by email at [email protected] I’m all eyes.

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