Building an Email List in an Instagram Age

I posted a quote on LinkedIn from my friend Bryan Eisenberg, who said: “It’s much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate than doubling your traffic.”

I love that quote because we often tend to get caught up in the “more traffic” trap by focusing all our efforts on demand generation when we forget it makes no sense to throw a ton of traffic at an unproductive website.

It’s like training for months for the Tour de France when your bike is in disrepair.

You’re wasting a lot of resources if you ask me.

Under that quote, someone asked me this question:

To do that you need an email list, right? Is an email list still relevant, now that people are selling on social media? I’m facing this challenge right now as I’m not sure where I should concentrate my effort: getting more traffic, building an email list, or growing a social media audience?

Great question.

The answer is yes, Yes, and YES!

Email is actually more relevant and productive right now because of all these apps and distractions. If you had to choose between all of those, choose email.

Use other channels of course like social media, but with the goal of building your list. Because all those platforms can shut down (or shut you down) anytime. However, you own your email list. You control it.

All these other channels can create momentum, so you might as well capture that momentum and use it to your advantage.

Email marketing metrics are easier to track and your audience is more qualified, too. Recent statistics prove that email is actually more productive than social media, even with the rise of social messaging apps.

Plus, since you can target your audience on social media by uploading your email list, email first makes more sense.

Many successful entrepreneurs who seem to have huge followings on social media are in fact crediting email marketing as the reason for their success.

Take Gretta Rose van Riel, for example. She’s an Australian, multimillion-dollar ecommerce vendor with multiple stores on Shopify. A “Forbes 30 Under 30” recipient, she built four multimillion-dollar businesses in just five years, and is widely known as the “Instagram Queen.”

In a recent Medium article, she wrote:

“Social is a great place to build an engaged audience, but if you’d like to convert them from social media followers to buying customers, you’re going to need their email address. Email marketing is by far the biggest converting form of marketing there is right now.”

That’s also why email marketing automation tools are so popular, too

Ultimately, as a professional, you want to position yourself as an authority, a relevant expert, in order to attract, grow, connect, and engage with your ideal audience. Nothing does that better than email marketing.

Email builds credibility, authority, trust, relationships, and of course, sales. All professionals should have an email list.

So should you.

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