Copywriting Legends Gary Halbert and John Carlton

In 2005, I held three rarely given teleseminars: a call with copywriting legends Gary Halbert and John Carlton, and a second follow-up call with Gary Halbert.

Calls With Gary Halbert and John Carlton

Recently, I held three rarely given teleseminars — a call with Gary Halbert, another with John Carlton, and a second follow-up call with Gary Halbert. These men are undeniably two of the world’s most in-demand copywriters.

Each interview lasted for two hours for a total of six. Both Gary and John kept listeners riveted as they answered pressing questions from people like you and me about how to write effective copy that sells.

Listen online to these copywriting aces as they shoot the breeze and reveal some of their most prized tips. The recordings are available online, and the transcripts are included, too.

First, you can listen to them online as streaming audio. Simply click on the “play” button below each section (it’s the first one with the arrow) to start listening. Second, you can also read the transcripts of the calls.

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Resources Discussed

Here’s a list of websites, tools, and resources, most of which are mentioned throughout this site or in the teleseminar audio recordings and transcripts. And while you’re here, don’t forget to let others know about this site and these recordings with the legendary Gary Halbert and John Carlton.



  • Breakthrough Copywriting
  • Confessions of a Copywriter
  • Copywriting Crash Course
  • Double Your Profits
  • Giant Headline Swipe File
  • Infomarketer Blueprint
  • Masters of Copywriting
  • Six-Figure Copywriting



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