Ask Michel: Backlinks Build Credibility

In this new episode of #AskMichel, I discuss what I think about building backlinks. Yes, Backlinks are important for SEO. They are an important ranking factor and a must-have your arsenal of digital marketing efforts.

But as a professional who wants to drive targeted, qualified, easier-to-sell traffic to your website, begging people to link back to you seems unnatural, questionable, even sleazy.

(It reminds me a lot of when I used to knock on doors as a young, failing insurance salesperson trying to find prospects. I hated it with a passion.)

Instead, there’s a better way where you naturally earn and attract backlinks — without the need to do any selling, outreach, or even guest posting. The credibility you build through this process is far more powerful, valuable, and far-reaching than that which comes from begging for links.

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Michel Fortin is a certified SEO consultant, content strategist, and marketing advisor helping plastic surgeons, cosmetic surgeons, and medical aesthetic clinics attract more patients. Since 1991, he helps cosmetic and aesthetic professionals increase their visibility and grow their practices. He is the author of the More Traffic Memo™ SEO email newsletter.

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