No Such Thing As A Starving Copywriter

As I’m preparing for Gary Halbert’s shindig in Miami this weekend, then to Carl Galletti’s in Vegas the following week, I had a chance to reflect on the past month. Many things have happened in my life of late, and I am more focused on work than ever before.

One of them is the launch of an upcoming mega-product on marketing for copywriters, co-authored with my friend and associate, John Angelache, which will be sold at

This course is the most elaborate, comprehensive, jam-packed, step-by-step infoproduct I have ever released in my life.

Here’s why…

You see, my friend and master copywriter Gary Halbert, with whom I will be speaking in Miami this weekend, said it best: “If you’re a good copywriter, there’s no reason why you can’t find work!” It’s true. If you can write good copy, then you’re sure to be able to write your own paycheck. For the the salesletter that promotes YOU is just as important as the salesletters you write for others.

How can you be out of work if you can write copy?

My co-author, who wrote extensively on the offline aspects while I focused on the Internet, and I had lengthy discussions about this. In fact, this product came about as a result of so many people asking, calling or emailing us, “How do I get work?” “Where do I start?” “How do find top quality prospects to whom I can sell myself in the first place, especially when I have no samples to show off?”

But unlike Gary, who tends to scoff at there mere question (and rightfully so, for reasons expressed earlier), some people need guidance. We understand. We’ve been there. We got the t-shirts. And some of the most common roadblocks we had, which most aspiring copywriters have, include:

… People are afraid to write for and sell themselves, and even tend to lower or undersell their skills and abilities as a result, or fail to see their strengths and the benefits they specifically provide because of their narrow, shortsighted perspective…

… They don’t know where to start, who to mail to, where to generate leads, how to find good quality prospects and how to follow up with them, for they don’t have time, marketing know-how or specialized knowledge on how to promote their services (granted, they’re copywriters and not marketers)…

… They have a hard time opening their minds, being conscious of opportunities around them and coming up with specific solutions they can offer their prospects, which may go beyond the scope of simply writing mere sales copy (but can make them a serious, six-figure income, even in the first year, while working less!)…

… They have NO portfolio, NO referral sources, NO clients or NO samples to show off, which is the #1 key for finding work in this business (and there are specific ways to circumvent that, which are so easy yet so powerful, they are going to blow your mind!)…

… They don’t know how to create mailing lists of their own, milk their existing lists, fire up other people’s lists, backend those lists, create automated referral systems, joint venture with potential partners and spot “hidden” copywriting opportunities that can make them insanely rich…

… They don’t know how to set their fees (or even increase their fees, because there is a right way of doing so), or what to say during phone conversations, emails, quote requests, negotiations, agreements and closing attempts that can explode your copywriting business…

… They have a hard time to stay focused and motivated, particuarly when they’re in between jobs and lack either the funds or the time to hit the asphalt and find their next project (truth be told, there are specific tactics that will fill your schedule for so many months in advance, this will rarely if ever become an issue)…

… Above all, they lack specific, insider information and resources that can propel their careers far more quickly and effectively (more than some of the other freelance courses out there), such as making royalty arrangements, landing offshoot projects, creating websites, generating traffic and leads, networking with centers of influence, joint venturing, packaging and bundling their services, viral marketing, ramping up free publicity, and so much more.

And of course, this is just an iceberg’s tip!

In fact, the volume is close to 500 pages thick, loaded with pre-written templates, 8 CDs of audio materials including some extraordinary interviews between John and I (as well as other great and busier-than-ever copywriters), and 2 DVDs crammed with screen-captured videos taking you step by step through some of the marketing processes you will need to implement.

Ultimately, it truly is a complete, cradle-to-grave, plain-language system on creating, managing and growing your freelance copywriting career in as little time as possible.

If you want to be notified when the course is officially launched, I highly suggest that you subscribe to my mailing list right now.

I guarantee you, no other course of this nature will come remotely close. Stay tuned…

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