The Myth About Product Launch Copy

Many people have said that copy is not important for major product launches. They said that, if the launch is done strategically, and there are ample affiliates promoting your product, people will simply buy even if there were just a simple “buy now” button on the website.

Some people have said this about my copy for John Reese’s famous million-dollar day launch of his course Traffic Secrets. Others have said this about other major product launches. But I can tell you, nothing can be further from the truth.

Arguably, everything that goes into a launch is what makes it successful. Recruiting big-name affiliates, having JVs, writing powerful affiliate copy, using targeted lists, applying scarcity (such as a countdown to a launch), adding social proof, creating buzz, etc.

And some people (albeit not as many as some purport) will buy the product on the power of those alone. But even when all the cards are played right, copy still does play a role.

A major role.

Recently, I conducted a special interview with copywriter Mike Morgan and his client, Sterling Valentine, author of JV Formula, on the power of copy during a major product launch.

Mike and Sterling dispell the myth that good product launches practically sell themselves, without the need for copy. If you listen to this call, you will soon realize that copy plays a vastly more important role during a major product launch.

And Sterling and Mike have the test results to prove it.

On this call Mike and Sterline were gracious enough to talk about their initial “flop” when his product launched, and how they turned it around into a massive success, all with just the power of great copywriting.

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