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Why Some Marketers Are Psychics

Why is it that successful marketers and online entrepreneurs seem to have this virtual “6th sense” when it comes to pinpointing hot, hungry, and highly profitable markets they can sell products to?

We see this again and again and again.

They seem to have this “Midas touch” when it comes to selling online. Any product they launch sells like gangbusters. Every promotion they do balloons their bank accounts. Every new market they enter becomes a surefire winner.

But ask them how they tap these hidden goldmines with an almost impeccable accuracy, and the likely response you will get is, “I don't know, it just feels right.”

(Stay with me, because in a moment I'm going to show you how you can do this yourself, and you don't have to be psychic or shell out a lot of money!)

Top marketers do what is often referred to as “viability research.” They want to know:

  • Is there a market out there with a need yet to be fulfilled?
  • Is that market identifiable, accessible, and above all, profitable?
  • Is there a product or solution that can satisfy that need?
  • Can they quickly and easily turn that need into a burning desire?
  • And more importantly, will it sell in spite of the competition?

Bottom line, is the market viable?

My wife, Sylvie Fortin, owns a company called Workaholics4Hire. For years her company served many of the top marketers. In fact, that's how we met. I wrote copy for the same top marketers who hired her for outsourcing work.

Guess what's her most sought-after service?

Aside from customer support and content development, top marketers have hired her company to conduct “Viability Research.” Yes, this intuitive skill top marketers seem to have in “prospecting for gold” online.

(An important caveat: “viability research” is not just your standard keyword research. In fact, keyword research is only a small piece of the puzzle.)

In our latest multimedia training product for instance, we offer hundreds of tutorials and streaming lessons that talk about making money online in just four simple steps:

  1. Viability
  2. Sourcing
  3. Website
  4. Marketing

The first step, “Viability,” is the most important one of all.

Why? Because if you ignore, skip over, or fail to carry out this important first step, then the rest of the formula falls down the tubes. Not only that, but you run a much greater risk of failing — and losing a lot of money and time in the process.

(If you do succeed by simply guessing your way online, it's going to be a matter of luck. At best, you won't be successful for very long, or you're going to be stuck with a lot of refunds. Or both.)

In her teachings, my wife discusses, in painstaking (yet practical) detail, the step-by-step process of conducting proper viability research. Yes, I did say “proper,” because there's a good way to do it and a bad way.

A lot of people do it poorly, backwards, or incompletely.

(For example, many people will simply stop at keyword research thinking that, if a keyword is highly searched for, then there is a demand. Nothing can be further from the truth. What about competition? What about the way people want the product?)

The key behind conducting proper viability research is to answer three mission-critical questions. The first two are the easiest. (Even so, a lot of people still ignore them.) The third one is just as important if not more so.

So what are these three key questions?

  1. Who is your market?
  2. What do they want?
  3. And how do they want it?

Those are the questions you must ask yourself, and the questions proper viability research answers for you — and oftentimes, a whole lot more!

Imagine the amount of money, work, and frustration you save yourself when you answer these questions, especially before you launch your next product.

Imagine being able to launch any product or any marketing promotion knowing full well that it's going to sell like hotcakes and make you a lot of money.

Imagine finding new things about your existing market you never knew about, which enables you to sell more, more often, and more effectively to them.

My wife explains the exact, same process she goes through when her company does viability research for her top marketing clients in our first in a series of “cookbooks,” entitled: Marketing E.S.P.: How to Pinpoint Hot, Hungry, and Highly Profitable Markets.

What will “Marketing E.S.P.” do for you?

These “cookbooks” are a series of lessons (i.e., recipes) that explains some of the core concepts we teach. “Marketing E.S.P.” explores the most critical component in my wife's famous four-step process.

And that's “viability.”

This cookbook explains, in plain English, exactly how these top marketers do it. Finally, someone has translated this seeming “psychic ability” top marketers have, and put it into a series of step-by-step, streaming video lessons anyone can follow.

(Now you know why my wife's company has been the “secret weapon” behind many of these top marketers for so many years!)

In Marketing E.S.P.'s cookbook, we show you how to discover viable markets that can make you a lot of money, how to determine if your existing market (or product) is indeed viable, and how to sell more (and more effectively) to existing markets.

Because viability is more than just finding out…

  • The right markets,
  • The right products for them, and
  • The right ways to give it to them.

Proper viability research also allows you to…

  • Discover new, hungry and profitable markets.
  • Locate your best, underserved markets for your products.
  • Exploit profit opportunities hidden deep inside your market.
  • Find or create new products you can sell them or monetize.
  • Plug costly leaks that are sucking your business dry.
  • Create new delivery systems to maximize your profits.
  • Duplicate your efforts quickly, easily and economically.
  • Save loads of time knowing you have the right market.
  • Ensure each product you sell is successful from the start.
  • Focus on what works, and dump what doesn't.
  • And much, much more!

Marketing E.S.P. offers you the exact same strategies top marketers use. In fact, when you claim your copy of this vital course, you get a total of:

  • Seven (7) major lessons covering the four (4) steps:
    • Finding hungry markets;
    • Determining popularity;
    • Spying on your competition;
    • And understanding demand.
  • 11 sub-lessons, with 2-3 per step (18 in all), such as:
    • Vertical market research;
    • Horizontal market research;
    • Multi-dimensional research;
    • And much, much more!
  • 17 streaming video tutorials (4.6 hours in all).
  • Three (3) simple homework assignments.
  • Seven (7) helpful illustrations and guides.
  • Lists of hundreds of resources and tools.
  • Three (3) fill-in-the-blank templates with examples.
  • And a copy-and-paste calculator (spreadsheet).

If you're interested in gaining this almost “psychic ability” to pinpoint highly profitable markets online, and how to do it right so that every new market you enter, every new product you launch, and every new promotion you make is a surefire winner, then you need Marketing E.S.P.

We plan on launching future cookbooks just like this one, but we will be pricing them at $197 each. So if you want to take advantage of this one at such a low price, you better hurry and claim your access to this amazing course now.

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