Secrets of a 10% Conversion Rate

Secrets of a 10% Conversion Rate 1I know Paul Hancox.

Paul is a fanatical tester. He's also an excellent copywriter.

But what you may not know is that Paul is also the creator of the very first split-testing software I've ever used. We're talking, um, circa 1999, I believe. It was called “Sales Page Master Pro.” (Paul has a new version out now.)

Well, another copywriter, Paul Myers, recommended this new “report” written by Paul Hancox. I snatched it up in a heartbeat. I did because the simple title piqued my curiosity. In it you discover how to raise the conversion rate of any piece of online copy you write.

Not to 2% or 3%. Not even to 5%.

It shows you how to boost your conversion rate…

… To as high as 10%, and even more!

As you can imagine, at first, I was skeptical. I'm a fanatical tester and a copywriter by trade, so I figured this is just a marketing tactic. After all, the industry average is anywhere between 1-2%.

I regularly achieve rates of 3%-7% with my own copy. And I know that 10% is possible in some cases. I've done it many times.

But for the average marketer or copywriter?

If it came from someone else, I would have naturally passed it off as hype. But since I know Paul Hancox and I know he's a fanatical tester too, I also know that this wasn't some exaggeration or underhanded ploy.

So I was intrigued.

(What happened next surprised me.)

After buying Paul's report, I opened what I thought would be just a few pages of huge margins, white space, and filler (ostensibly to inflate and exaggerate the size of the content).

Not only was I amazed that this course was a little under 130 pages with slim margins, but also I was dumbfounded by the fact that it was wall-to-wall, solid content.

Not some lame 25- or 50-page “report.” (Paul does call it a “report,” although it's much closer to an actual short book, if you ask me.)

Even better, the content was really, really good.

How good was the content? I not only read it all in a single sitting, but it was so good that, after reading it, I also couldn't apply all the changes I learned in this book fast enough!

In my 20 years as a copywriter and salesperson, as well as a fanatical tester…

… I learned things I never knew and would have never imagined.

With one salesletter I applied just a simple tweak over the last weekend, it immediately bumped up my conversion. And it's super-simple, but I would have never thought about it if I didn't get this report.

(A word of warning, though. While some of the changes Paul suggests are easy and quick to implement, don't think they're about tiny, insignificant things, like testing colors, fonts, or graphics. This report goes deeper than that. A lot deeper. Hint? It's about salesmanship.)

Paul's report is called, “The Secrets of a 10% Conversion Rate.”

To be candid, I would have easily paid five times more for this course, if not more. This is a steal, and I mean that sincerely. These days, it takes a lot for me to be impressed. Well, I'm more than impressed.

I'm astounded.

I was so impressed that…

… I decided to buy rights to the book and offer it myself!

Yes, it's that good. (If you know me, you know I don't do this often. I far more prefer to promote my own products or, at most, be an affiliate of an existing product. But this is truly an exception.)

This gives me the ability to offer this book to you.

So get your copy of “The Secrets of a 10% Conversion” right now.

It's 127 pages. There's no boring fluff or filler. There's no “history” of this, or “basics” of that. It's solid gold, with some advanced, killer strategies, from the very first page to the last. (Besides the table of contents, of course.)

The salesletter's suggested retail price is $197 for this report. But I'm making a special offer for just a fraction of that, which is applied when you checkout.

For the full story, go and read the letter now. Grab your copy of Paul's report. Then grab a coffee or your favorite beverage. And depending on how fast you read, take up to an hour to read this 127-page report.

If you're anything like me, you will want to re-read it.

Several times.

It will be well worth it. I promise you.

If you don't like it? Just let me know and I'll give you a refund on the spot. (It's guaranteed for 90 days, anyway.) At the time of writing this, It made 85 sales and I processed 2 refunds.

By the way, post your feedback by adding your comment at the end of this post. I'd love to hear from you. What did you think of the book? Did you apply any of the tweaks Paul suggested? What were some of your results?

I'm also testing the delivery mechanism for this product. If you come across any snags, please let me know, too. Either reply to this thread, or email me at support [at]

I highly recommend you implement some of the changes Paul suggests. If you're not testing right now, don't worry. Paul also shows you how to do it and offers a few resources.

Now, you might think…

“But Michel, my site barely gets any traffic!”

Good question. How can you test your copy when you're barely making sales, if any at all?

There's a way around it.

Sure, there's split-testing and then there's multivariate testing. But in either case (especially with multivariate testing), you need a lot of traffic to come to some statistically significant results.

(That's why some of the “big players” can test their way to amazing conversion rates.)

However, in this report Paul also introduces something he calls “flow testing.” I knew about this (I talked about it on my blog in the past), but Paul explains it so masterfully and in plain language, it makes it remarkably easy to understand and implement.

(It's also the best testing strategy for smaller sites that get very little traffic. You can test your copy even if you only get 10 visitors a day! And yes, it can help you achieve high conversion rates, too.)

So get yours now. Get “The Secrets Of A 10% Conversion Rate!” today.