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The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword

Words are powerful. They are the crux of our existence as copywriters. And your choice of words is crucial in getting the results you seek, whether you're a copywriter or not, and be it in business or in your personal life.…
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How to Craft Cash-Creating Climactic Copy

Have you ever picked up a book off the shelf at a local bookstore, read the front and back covers, opened it up and, after reading a few pages, just couldn't put it down? Do you remember, after buying the book, how you flipped each page with an almost excruciating curiosity because the story was so tantalizing, you became increasingly riveted to the book with each subsequent chapter?…
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No Such Thing As A Starving Copywriter

As I'm preparing for Gary Halbert's shindig in Miami this weekend, then to Carl Galletti's in Vegas the following week, I had a chance to reflect on the past month. Many things have happened in my life of late, and I am more focused on work than ever before.…
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How to Write Carrot Wielding Copy!

A significant reason behind most floundering websites is the lack of a response-driven message — an effective one that gets people to do something, even if it's to keep reading. A direct response message is not just about response.…
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Use Scarcity To Sell, Not Scare

Takeaway selling, for the uninitiated, is a way to limit the supply of a product or service in some way to increase scarcity of an offer. Because it's a proven fact that scarcity sells. It's that ageless law of supply and demand.…
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Three Tips For Getting Copywriting Work

I often get many questions. Of those, the most common is when aspiring copywriters ask me how to get started in the copywriting business. It's not about how to write copy specifically but about the marketing aspect of the freelance copywriting business.…
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What Performs Better: Long Copy Or Short Copy?

Here's a reprint of an answer I gave a student in another forum who asked: “Long copy? Or short copy?” 1. Long copy versus short copy has been the single greatest debate since the beginning of the printing press.…
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