No Sopranos Ending Here... 1As you might have seen on some blogs, people have “guest” bloggers replacing them while, say, they're on vacation or a trip.

You've probably seen this on my friend Brian Clark's blog or others, of late. And I really like this, since it keeps the blog going without interruptions.

Well, I'm not going on vacation. But I will be incognito for a while as my wife and I move into a new home starting next week, until the end of the month (and give or take another couple of weeks in August to settle in).

So in the meantime, several other copywriters, marketers, and experts will be posting here until I return. I'm sure you'll recognize them, such as David Garfinkel, Ray Edwards, Lynn Terry, and more.

(I may find a moment to sneak away to the nearest Starbuck's, and post here and there using their Wi-Fi. So I'm not completely gone!)

I hope you will enjoy them. The first one will be published tomorrow (after my call with Daniel Levis on his “Bootstrap Money Makers” teleseminar series.

Enjoy the ride!