My Top Three Most Popular Blog Sections, Streamlined

I did a little cleaning with my old blog. Some of the posts date as far back as 1997, and were intentionally broken into multiple pages to help speed up loading when the web was quite slow.

Some of these are a bit outdated, too. But they still contain a few nuggets in them that might prove useful to you.

The Death of The Salesletter

I wrote this in 2006 when I saw where the web was going. In it, I described things that were either nonexistent or new back then — things that are very much commonplace today. 

For example, I talk about using multimedia in sales, marketing funnels, drip campaigns, targeted copy, personalized campaigns, etc. The point was that long-form, text-only, cover-all-your-bases copy was slowly being replaced with mutlistep, multimedia, persona-driven copy.

It had to.

And it did.

The 10 Commandments of Power Positioning

This was my very first book. I wrote it partly as a disguised resume to showcase my expertise when I launched my full-time freelance consulting career.

Back in the early 90s, I did not want to knock on doors. I hated networking, too. So I put together my 10 best marketing tactics (at the time) into a tiny booklet, which I printed and used to promote myself.

When I launched my own website in 1995, I decided to offer it online. Since then, that little booklet has been downloaded over a million times.

Interviews With Copywriting Legends

These are my most downloaded, listened to, and read sections of my website.  I interviewed copywriting legends Gary Halbert and John Carlton back in 2006. This was literally just a few months before Gary passed away.

Sadly, the calls were done live and inundated with thousands of callers listening on a primitive VoIP phone system.  So the recordings are not the best quality. But the content, while a little old and outdated, is still incredibly valuable.

Even now, in 2020, I still get comments from young copywriters, marketers, and entrepreneurs about how much these calls helped them.

Anyway, there you go.

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