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Music Records And Broken Ones

A few things to note today:

1. I love WordPress so much, that I decided to convert my band's website into a blog. (I'm not done yet. More websites to follow!) You see, it's not really to use as a blog but as a content delivery system.

Why? Because the results (such as search engine rankings, the stampede of instant traffic using blog software, and particularly WordPress's many plugins) are absolutely astonishing.

Go ahead and check it out FortinDrums.com. (There's a free video demo there, too. You'll see yours truly bangin' on them drums in the background.)

2. Did you catch Clayton Makepeace's Total Package issue this morning? Wow. I'm blushing. (And kudos to Peter Stone. Hats off, bro!) We were both mentioned in it, right there in the headline!

If you ever wanted balls-to-the-wall, sugercoating-free copywriting tips, and I mean 1-2-3 stuff (not far-out principles that require a Ph.D. or a decade of monastic life to understand), you “gotta” subscribe to Clayton's ezine.

Clayton's is a great guy. Brilliant, too. But more than that, he's a billion-dollar copywriter who doesn't hold back, says it like it is and shows you real-world techniques for writing mesmerizing copy that generates proven results.

If there were a T-shirt that said, in big bold letters on the front, “Copywriters SUCK!” (And in tiny print underneath, “… Money From People's Wallets”), Clayton's been there, done that and got that T-shirt, alright.

Go ahead and check it out, and subscribe right now while you're there!

Oh, and stay tuned for something scrumptiously profitable for you from both Clayton and I in the near future. So keep an eye open, and subscribe to Clayton's ezine. I know I sound like a broken record, but if you want hardcore copywriting lessons from a true master, get on his newsletter list.

Speaking of breaking records…

3. What? My record has been beaten? Yup. You betcha. This weekend, Harlan Kilstein, a friend, mentor and top copywriting sensei wrote the copy to Neil “Style” Strauss' “The Annihilation Method.” (A “how to date” system, from the best-selling author of “The Game.”)

I know Neil, and the people that worked with this amazing launch, including Frank Kern and a few others. Wow! $1.4 million in 30 minutes! That makes my million-dollar day with John Reese look like a house made of Lego besides the Empire State Building.

Kudos to Harlan! The torch has been passed on to you, my friend. (I also recommend you check out Harlan's latest brainchild, along with other copywriters extraordinaire John Carlton, David Garfinkel, Perry Marshall and others, called: Tactic7.)

I'm off to Vegas now to speak at Carl Galletti's Internet Marketing Superconference with my beautiful fiancée Sylvie (we're both speaking!), so until next time…

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