Internet Marketer Hit By Car

I couldn’t talk about this when I first learned about it, but now that it’s public I wanted to pass the info along.

You may or may not know Julie Perry.

She’s a very dear friend of mine, a well-known Internet marketer, and an entrepreneur. We constantly see each other at seminars and always have a great time. She’s always laughing, fun to be with, and a great person.

If you can’t picture her, to help you here’s a photo of the both of us — you might have seen her at Internet marketing seminars, yourself:

She’s known for her love of boats. She’s written a book on yachting, and she’s also the host of, a website for yachters and boat lovers.

Now, the sad news…

Apparently, Julie has been hit by an (assumingly drunk) driver on New Year’s Eve and is in pretty bad condition. (I say “assumingly” because it was a hit-and-run, and it was New Year’s Eve.)

This beautiful, bubbly girl and a friend were taking a rickshaw over one of the bridges in Fort Lauderdale (a small, two-wheel wagon pulled by someone on foot), when the driver hit them, fled the scene, and threw her from it hard.

My wife Sylvie and I were in shock when we first learned about this. (We still are!)

She has a broken clavicle and her shoulder is pretty sore. She may have a broken hip bone, too, although I’m not sure. And I don’t know how serious the shoulder injury is.

Part of her face has no movement for the time being, which makes it harder to talk. She’s still bleeding from one ear, too.

She’s a little groggy and doesn’t remember anything from the accident. She looks good considering everything, but is still in a lot of pain.

They expect her to take about four weeks to recover. But she says she’ll do it in three! (Knowing Julie, I believe her.)

She’s in good spirits, happy to be alive.

A mutual friend, Heather Seitz, went to see Julie today and she’s doing much better. It looks like she will be going home early next week and will probably start some physical therapy tomorrow.

Fortunately, she won’t need any surgeries. Her friend, however, will need to have knee surgery.

A news reporter came to the hospital to interview her, and they did a short video on her to ask for the public’s help and try and catch the person.

(They thought they had, but it turned out to be another accident nearby.)

Here’s the video and news report. (Warning: she’s in rough shape.)

Luckily, she’s well enough to answer her phone. If you want to get in touch with her directly, you can by checking out her Facebook profile.

A personal note to Julie…

Sweetie, Sylvie and I are thinking about you. Please get well soon, OK? We miss you. I expect to see you at the next seminar. We’ll be waiting for you.

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