Marketer Exposes Herself For Charity

Marketer Exposes Herself For Charity 1When I say that my wife is probably the strongest woman I've ever met, my words don't do justice to show how strong she really is.

Since her chemo was scheduled to start next Wednesday, rather than embarrassingly lose clumps of hair over the next few days, Sylvie has decided to turn her loss into someone else's gain.

She decided to cut her hair before the treatments and donate her now useless mane to a charity called Locks of Love, which creates wigs for disadvantaged kids with long-term medical hairloss.

But there's more to this story…

Sylvie wanted to make an event out of the whole thing. But more than that, she decided to turn it into a fundraiser for her favorite breast cancer charity, Avon's Breast Cancer Crusade, by videotaping the event and “selling” real estate on her head.

Yes, much like the “rent this chest” or webpage pixel ads we see all to often these days, Sylvie will be transforming a picture of her newly shaved head into a clickable graphic, with links leading to websites of the top donors from the event.

There's more to it than this. For the complete story, check out my wife's latest blog entry describing exactly how it's all going to happen — and how you can support.

We're videotaping the whole event, turning it into a viral video, along with my wife's linkable “scalp” mentioned earlier.

A lot of the top marketers and copywriters who are dear friends of ours have shown their support by emailing their lists. (Thank you guys, it means so much to us.)

The funniest one comes from top copywriter Clayton Makepeace, who mailed his list with this gem (the woman on the left is Clayton's wife Wendy, who he affectionately calls the “Redhead”).

But an interesting problem has since occured. A good problem, to be more specific. You see, Sylvie has already raised over $8,000 (and still growing). What's the problem? She oversold her scalp space!

So we're going to create several “headshots” of her scalp to allow all the links from all the top donors, as promised.

And then, a few “National Enquirer” headlines started stirring in my head, which would be perfect for a press release we plan on writing and distributing after the event…

“Internet Businesses Demand Marketer's Head!” “Woman Clones Head, Captures It On Video.” “Get A-Head To Keep A-Breast Of Things.” Or, “Woman Sells Head For Breasts.”

(Sorry. Couldn't resist. 🙂 Blame it on Makepeace.)

Bottom line, my wife's undeniable courage is meant to drive home an important message: that cancer doesn't have to be a death sentence. And by “death sentence,” I don't just mean facing an inevitable end (which we all face, anyway), but that we don't have to become morose, depressed and dejected.

Laughter, happiness and a positive mental attitude are incredibly powerful healing tools available to us all. Contrary to popular opinion, such health challenges do not — and should not — rob you of your happiness. They give you an opportunity to bring it to your life. And like Sylvie, to the life of others.

As Wayne Dyer once said, “There is no way to happiness; happiness is the way.”

As my wife so eloquently put it in the comments section of that same post:

“I refuse to go through this experience for nothing. I refuse to accept that this struggle will be a waste or be pointless. Just as I refuse to waste my long hair, I also refuse to waste this chance to do something good with my life. This experience is, in my opinion, an opportunity to create a miracle.”

Again, here's your chance to be part of a unique event, get exposure and donate to a worthy cause. Check out my wife's latest blog entry and make a pledge, won't you?