It’s Not About Facebook, It’s About Integrity

As expected, my last blog post generated quite a number of comments. Some were insightful, even a few of the negative ones, and I appreciate them all. Thank you.

However, from most of the comments I've read, including some of the positive ones, it seems a lot of people missed the point I was trying to convey. They thought it was about Facebook usernames and therefore no big deal.

Well, it wasn't about Facebook specifically. It was about having integrity and respect, and doing what's right.

They missed it, and that was probably my fault. My passion for the topic and opposition to the concept of “friendly extortion,” which I blogged about in the past, caused me to write more forcefully than the norm, and I was less than clear than I should have been.

Facebook wasn't the problem. It just so happened to be the tool used in this case. It was more about the scarcity mindset and the sense of entitlement people have in thinking this was acceptable behavior and that we should tolerate it.

So I wanted to clear the air. I recorded this quick little video after I woke up this morning — oh, and please ignore the fashionable bed-head hairdo. 😉

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Please let me know what you think…