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Last updated 2020-07-21.

I deeply value my readers and subscribers, as much as they value me, my expertise, and my recommendations. For this reason, I try to be as open and forthright as possible. While I will make every attempt to disclose each time I make a recommendation on this blog, sometimes I can’t or I simply forget.

So, in an effort to be as clear and candid as possible, I’d like to post a more complete version, which highlights some of my relationships, the ways I am compensated, as well as the results I sometimes showcase on this blog.

Here they are…

  • I occa­sion­ally make rec­om­men­da­tions on this blog, which include links to help­ful resources for which I get some kind of compensation. I either get a commission for each sale, or receive some form of remuneration, either financially or in kind.
  • However, these rec­om­men­da­tions are based first and fore­most on their merit. I make them either because of their value, help­ful­ness, and qual­ity, or based on my direct or indirect knowledge of the author’s rep­u­ta­tion, track record, and level of exper­tise. No adver­tiser will ever influ­ence the con­tent on this blog.
  • Some affiliate links are added automatically with the help of software, which linkifies specific keywords within the content dynamically. Others are added after the post is written. In other words, most affil­i­ate links are added inci­den­tally or sub­se­quently.
  • Some links do not have any affil­i­a­tion or com­pen­sa­tion whatsoever, but are included for the same rea­sons expressed above. In other words, I add them based on merit. If I find them helpful and suspect that they may be of interest to my readers, I will include them, regardless of compensation or lack thereof.
  • Without question, most testimonials on this blog highlight positive and sometimes extraordinary outcomes achieved under unique circumstances. Typical results are exceedingly difficult to predict or measure, as all markets, businesses, motives, and results are unique. Yours will be no exception.
  • As with most training programs or information products, by their very nature, all results are atypical. Such programs are not “one-size-fits-all” solutions as they teach a wide variety of systems and strategies. Therefore, it is impossible for anyone to predict how, or even if, you will use the information provided in your specific business.
  • As with every business venture, there’s inherent risk. You even stand a chance to lose money. So please use discretion when making a purchasing decision.
  • All testimonials and case studies are collected from people who have had personal experience with our products or services, and they have each submitted their kind words willingly, and without direct financial payment or compensation.
  • In rare cases, such as with case studies, some students have received substantial discounts on our products in exchange for their honest review.
  • Some endorsements are sent from paying clients who have initially hired us for our consulting services, and may not necessarily or directly reflect the specific products showcased on this blog. Some have become friends or partners in various ventures.
  • Some of my endorsements of other people’s products are the result of receiving a free review copy. In some cases, I may be an affiliate. However, I do not receive any direct financial compensation for making such endorsements, and I only provide an honest review, whether as an affiliate or not, if I feel the product has merit.

As for my relationships:

  • I own Michel Fortin SEO Consulting (part of Shelly Solutions), a marketing and digital consultancy, operated from my home office in Rockland, Ontario (Canada). Many of the professionals in my network have been vetted or personally trained, and they own and operate their own freelance businesses, as well as produce their own products to which I have links on this blog.
  • Many of my testimonials come from paying clients, who have compensated me for my services and with whom I was instrumental in achieving many of the results showcased on this blog. Some of these individuals are partners in various joint ventures.
  • The majority of my websites, including this blog, are hosted on a dedicated server at BigScoots.com. The majority of my domain names are registered through GoDaddy and the sites are protected via Cloudflare.
  • People often send me books, information products, training programs, CDs, DVDs, and websites to review. If I choose to review them and post them on this blog, I’ll only review the ones I like or the ones I suspect you might like. While it is difficult to be completely unbiased, I try to provide as honest of a review as possible.
  • Ads on this blog are for my own products, products my partners and I co-authored (either jointly or separately), or products of which I am an affiliate or reseller. I do not sell, rent, or exchange ads or text links from third-party advertisers on this blog.
  • In the case of products of which I am an affiliate or reseller, they are selected because I purchased the products myself, I was involved in their creation, or I know their authors, and because I believe these products to be useful to my readers.

I will add more as I revise this blog post. It may be almost complete, but I believe this is a start in being open and candid so that you, dear reader, fully understand where I’m coming from and what’s involved when following any of my recommendations on this blog.

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Michel Fortin is a certified SEO consultant, content strategist, and marketing advisor helping plastic surgeons, cosmetic surgeons, and medical aesthetic clinics attract more patients. Since 1991, he helps cosmetic and aesthetic professionals increase their visibility and grow their practices. He is the author of the More Traffic Memo™ SEO email newsletter.

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