Computer Geek Discovers Speed Copy Secrets?

Computer Geek Discovers Speed Copy Secrets? 1Not a copywriter or just starting out? Can't afford a high-priced copywriter? Need copy real fast to start selling or to promote affiliate products right away?

Here's something that might interest you…

Computer programmer Robert Plank shares his quick and easy formula for writing compelling sales letters fast.

Sure, nothing beats knowing how to write great copy. But…

This painless formula will have your products launched and your websites up and running in less than an hour! (If you hate writing copy or don't have time, or you simply need copy really fast, you're going to love this.)

With the simple directions in his Speed Copy Secrets special report (Robert calls it “Fast Food Copywriting”), you won't produce award-winning sales copy that takes months and months of painstaking work to write.

Instead, he gives you shortcuts that will enable you to consistently write satisfactory salesletters that are selling within a matter of hours… Guaranteed!

If you need copy real quick, this is perfect for you…

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Let's go over some more reasons why writing your own copy is the best way for you to crank up your online income to the “full blast” setting.

Pain #1: Copywriting is as Expensive as a Broken Bone With No Medical Insurance!

How much money do you flush down the toilet every time you create a new product? Let's make a quick total…

  • Product creation: $500 to $1,500
  • Sales letter graphics: $50 to $300
  • Copywriting fees: $500 to $2,500
  • Estimated total: $1,050 to $4,300 per product.

The above shows an “average” cost of $2,675 per product. Do the math: if you were selling a little $7 special report, do you know how many sales you'd have to make just to break even?

A whopping 382 sales, that's how many!

(And remember, you have to repeat this with each and every product you sell. Let's say you make five to 10 sales a week. It would take you up to a year to just break even on each and every product!)

Couldn't you save a bundle if you knew how to do some of that yourself? You can, and I'll show you in a moment. But if you're in a hurry, go there now:

Check out right now.

Pain #2: You Never Get Exactly What You Want When You Pay Someone Else… There's Always a Compromise

You have to spend the time explaining what you want from them, wait for them to come up with a sales letter, tell them that's not what you want… wait even longer…

… And then repeat the process.

All the while hoping your copywriter doesn't hike up his fees for the extra time spent.

Pain #3: You Get Excited About It — You Can Do It Quickly

A freelance copywriter is in it for the money and he's not going to be as knowledgeable or as excited about the topic, so he's going to drag his feet!

Because, let's face it, you know the topic so well, you know what buttons to push and what benefits your market wants.

Here's the exact moment computer geek Robert Plank realized he was a fast food copywriter, and why he suddenly had no choice but to explain how to be one.

He tells his full story at

What you get with this Special Report:

  • What's a stairway conversation and how is it so important to the way your brain works?
  • What small change to his business allowed him to launch 20 products in 2007? (Robert launched more products that year than I had in all his previous years of Internet marketing combined!)
  • Why you want to be the copywriting equivalent of a McDonald's fast food worker… and not an artsy-fartsy gourmet cook. (That's death!)
  • How the word “wait” could have serious repercussions for your business and your lifestyle for years to come.
  • Robert Plank's personal formula for copywriting: why fast food copywriting is a formula, not a skill, and why anyone can master it.
  • How you can get your sales letter written in hours, not days or weeks, using the proven, time-tested 7-step formula Robert found to be so effective, he printed and tacked it up to his office wall.
  • What one thing can weave your points together… that your high-school English teacher never told you. Robert admits he laughs at so many copywriters for forgetting this entirely!
  • If you are on a time crunch, the one thing you probably should outsource. (It's not what you think.)
  • Get others to write your sales copy for you, for free, no strings attached whatsoever!
  • How to split-test the bonkers out of your letters to get them evolving and responding to what your prospects want… not what you “guess” they want.
  • Why you need to stay far away from “the obsessive tester” and how to avoid becoming one yourself.
  • One thing to watch out for with price testing… that could actually lose you money, but is an easy stumbling block for conversion ratio junkies!
  • Robert's personal, never-before-explained secret to finding the best and most powerful phrases for your swipe file. For example, he found 60 killer phrases in about 10 minutes using this.
  • Save your junk mail! How reading your junk mail will help you find the exact trigger that gets people tripping over themselves to buy!
  • Why you absolutely, positively must go back to a 4th grade writing level to succeed. (And this even applies to computer geeks just like Robert!)
  • The exact number of words you need in your sentences to have the optimum psychological impact. (Yes, sentence length does impact your sales!)
  • Are you including videos in your salesletters? The maximum length of time your video should run. It's a lot shorter than you think.
  • Robert Plank's ultimate writer's block cure for bullet points. (Once he cracked it, this one idea kept him up all night writing mouthwatering fascinations.)
  • How do you write that killer headline and why you should spend as much time on the headline as you do on the body of the copy!
  • Top copywriters tell you you need multiple headlines — how to end up with 5 to 10 pages of headlines, so you know the exact one to choose for the perfect fit!
  • The perfect blueprint to crank out sales letters on an assembly line… here's a hint: it's by having others interview you in a very specific way!
  • How “the way” you present the problem and its solution in your sales copy could very well mean life or death.
  • Integrate Parkinson's Law, Natural Language Processing, and Time Travel for a copywriting method that just can't be beat!
  • And much more!

Let's go over what you get in this incredible Special Report:

  • Chapter 1: Explain the Problem and Provide a Solution
  • Chapter 2: Follow a Formula
  • Chapter 3: My Personal Formula for Copywriting
  • Chapter 4: The Anatomy of Outsourcing
  • Chapter 5: Split Testing
  • Chapter 6: Build A Swipe File
  • Chapter 7: Jumpstart Strategies
  • Chapter 8: How Do You Write That Killer Headline?
  • Chapter 9: Video and Other Gimmicks
  • Chapter 10: Write the Damn Thing!

The contents of this special report are written just like a concise sales letter — you won't find one unnecessary word in the entire manual!

I bought it, and I loved it.

Granted, learning how to write killer copy is still the most important skill you will ever learn in your business. But if you're in a hurry or you want to avoid dishing out thousands of dollars for a decent copywriter, this special report is a fantastic shortcut!

Read the whole story at right now.

UPDATE: Last week I told you about Robert Plank's product,, which I highly recommend.

While nothing beats learning great copywriting, this product is fantastic for anyone who wants to know how to come up with copy really fast that's good enough to start selling with.

It's also really good for non-copywriters and marketers who don't want to take the time to learn how to write copy or pay an expensive copywriter to have it written for them.

So I've decided to record a quick review of Robert Plank's To watch, simply click on “play” below. It's very brief (just a few minutes), but in it I go through the product and tell you what I like best about it…

Visit and get your copy today.