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Traits to Look For in an SEO Manager

January 22, 2021

A colleague is in the process of hiring a marketing manager and wanted to know what traits I look for in a general marketer. I've hired quite a few in my career, so I shared some of my thoughts with him.

I realized that this might be helpful to plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons who are looking to hire one, so I'm reprinting my answer here.

I think this just as applicable to an SEO manager as it is a generalist marketing one, because SEO is multifaceted and requires several skillsets that parallel those of marketers. In fact, to me SEO is just another form of marketing.…

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What’s Best For SEO: Expand or Create Content?

January 18, 2021

Last week I was very busy completing a few 360° SEO Audits for two plastic surgeons, and one of them asked a very good question. After I recommended writing and posting new content on a weekly basis (about three times a week), he asked: “That's a lot of content, can I add it all to the same web page?”

In essence, what the client was asking is if it's possible to add to existing content instead of creating three new pieces each week.

Here's what I said.

To clarify, when I suggested posting three new content assets each week as a best practice, it was a recommendation and not an obligation.…

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Quick SEO Audit of

Quick SEO Audit of

January 13, 2021

Time for another mini SEO audit on a random plastic or cosmetic surgery website. But this time, I want to focus on hair transplants. If you don't know, hair restoration was the very first type of client I worked with back in 1992.

In trying to find a website as randomly as possible, I did the same thing as last time: I turned on my VPN, chose USA as my country of choice, and Googled “hair transplant surgeon.” I then clicked to page four of the SERPs (search engine results), I scrolled down a bit, and I selected a site at random.…

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When Moving, Don’t Leave Your SEO Behind

January 11, 2021

A recent client has hired me to audit their SEO. The main issue was pretty clear from the start: they had recently undergone a rebrand and moved their site to a new domain. But they failed to redirect the old site properly to the new one.

The result is a significant loss in rankings and traffic.

Often, moving to a new domain is perfectly fine, provided you do it carefully and plan it properly. The reason is to ensure there's no loss of traffic, authority, and rankings. Otherwise, it can lead to irrecoverable losses — not to mention the loss of your audience's trust and goodwill.…

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How Do I Optimize Visual Content For SEO?

January 8, 2021

When it comes to creating content, writing blog posts (specifically, articles) is often the easiest way. After all, you're an expert in your field and you can talk about it. The content's fundamental goal, when it comes to SEO as it should be with the content itself, is to help the people you're targeting.

However, most plastic surgeons, medical aesthetic practitioners, and/or their staff create visual content instead of text: videos, photos, and graphics. And most post these on visual channels (like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, etc) instead of their own blogs.

So how do can you do SEO when your content is not text-based and it's published outside your blog or website?…

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SEO Content Creates Relationships, Not Leads

January 6, 2021

Today, a client asked me, “What exactly is a funnel?” Content funnels are graduated steps through which your content creates and develops awareness. A funnel, in other words, aims to educate your audience so as to take them from one level of awareness to the next — and thus closer to becoming a patient.

The purpose of content that's optimized for the search engines (or SEO content) is to drive qualified traffic to your site and lead them into your funnel. It helps your prospective patients to discover you and what you do. Once they do, they're at the entrance to (or the top of) your funnel.…

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How to Come Up With Content Ideas For SEO

January 4, 2021

When it comes to plastic surgery or medical aesthetic SEO, the best content is content that answers the questions people ask — people who are within your market. It will generate the most qualified traffic, in other words.

The more you know your market, the less you will have writer's block. Because knowing your market well enough will always provide you with many content ideas — such as commonly asked questions you regularly answer.

Questions are great for FAQs. But they're also tremendously valuable for developing content that search engines (and its users) will love.

If you've been a plastic surgeon or clinic owner for some time, chances are you will have a good grasp of the types of questions your patients and prospective patients ask.…

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Plastic Surgeon Content Creation For SEO

January 3, 2021

When creating a content strategy, the most common process is to brainstorm a list of possible ideas to blog about and to create an editorial calendar around them. And for some plastic surgeons, that's perfectly fine.

Some content is better than no content. Right?

But when I work with doctors who have a lot of content but a lackluster online presence with very little organic traffic, the issue comes down to the fact that they don't have a strategy in the first place. Plastic surgeons who know and value the potency of SEO will have a strategy they follow.

I've written about creating a high-level content strategy before.…

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What is a 360° SEO Expert, Really?

December 29, 2020

As a plastic surgeon, you want a steady flow of leads. Since the plastic surgery and cosmetics industries are hypercompetitive, the demand is certainly there and it's possible to find an endless supply. The issue is who you're competing with for those top spots on Google, and how to outrank them.

If you want to rank, focus on your users. But if you want to rank higher, focus on your competitors. Because the goal is not to beat Google or its algorithms, but to outrank your competitors.

I've often said that SEO boils down to two things, i.e., the quality of your content and the quality of the user experience.…

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SEO and Site Migrations Without Losing Traffic

December 28, 2020

I've recently landed a new client. He's a plastic surgeon in Europe who has split his main website into two: one surgical and one non-surgical. His concern was that the new site (which is now several months old) is not capturing anywhere near the same levels of traffic it used to have on the old site.

When I did the quick audit, I realized (and told him) that the migration may not have been done well.

Migrations are often simple, but they are also the most tricky. They need to be properly planned and carried out. Otherwise, they can cause a lot of damage or losses that are irrecoverable.…

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