Halbert and Carlton Interviews

Peter StoneRecently, I held three rarely given teleseminars — two with Gary Halbert and one with John Carlton. These men are undeniably two of the world's most in-demand copywriters.

Each interview lasted for two hours, for a total of six. Both Gary and John kept listeners riveted as they answered pressing questions from people like you and me about how to write effective copy that sells.

And now, you can…

Listen to All 6 Hours Right Now… It's 100% Free!

These interviews are the brainchild of, and produced by, my good friend, copywriter Peter Stone. Listen online to these three copywriting aces as they shoot the breeze and reveal some of their most prized tips. The transcripts are available online, too.

There's no catch, no obligation, no optin form, no “spyware,” or anything like that. Listen to them right away! Why are we giving this out for free? Partly because it's fun. Partly because we love our craft. And partly because we want to spread the word.

Also, since these calls are free, there's no charge and absolutely no obligation. Consider them as “honorware,” where all we ask is a couple of favors in return…

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How to Listen to These Audios

First, you can listen to them online as streaming audio. Simply click on the “play” button below each section (it's the first one with the arrow) to start listening — please allow the audio to load if you're on a slow connection. This may take a few seconds.

To do this, you need Macromedia Flash (version 6.0) to listen. Don't worry. Most browsers have the Flash browser plug-in already pre-installed. Chances are you don't need to do anything. (If you see the arrow button image, you're good to go.)

But if you can't see the buttons, or if they don't play a minute or so after clicking them, then install the latest version of Flash. Be sure to bookmark this page so you can return.

Second, you can also read the transcripts of the calls. Just click the links after the “play” button, which will redirect you to the transcripts of each audio.

Warning! Although they are free to listen, these recordings are protected by copyright. Please do not redistribute them. This constitutes a violation of international copyright laws. If you want to let others know about these incredible calls, simply point them to this website, and let them listen to or download the files themselves.

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