Author of The Famous Seven Dirty Words Dies

Author of The Famous Seven Dirty Words Dies 1I'm in Vegas right now attending three seminars back to back. I've been here for close to three weeks now, and we're about to return home tomorrow. This explains why I haven't blogged in a while.

While here, we're looking at some properties. We want to buy a vacation home, especially during those cold winter months in Canada. (I think we found our home.)

But last week, my wife took me to see George Carlin at the Orleans Casino as my Father's Day gift. It was a great show. George was funnier than ever. Still raw, caustic, and ranting at 71, he certainly hasn't lost his touch.

Well, just a few moments ago I've learned that we, however, lost him.

When I learned about it, I was speechless. We just saw him a few days ago! I guess we caught one of his last shows if not his last. The funniest part of this? His show included jokes about dying and the afterlife.

Rest in peace, George Carlin. We'll miss you.