Gary HalbertSad day. I'm speechless.

In case you haven't heard, the infamous Gary Halbert, the Alpha Shitweasel, the Prince of Print, died in his sleep on Easter Sunday.

All I can say is, the copywriting world has lost one of its biggest icons. There will NEVER be another Gary Halbert, that's for sure.

John Reese left the message on my copywriter's board just after midnight. John Carlton, who was Gary's best friend in this biz, wrote a blog post that says it all. (It literally brought tears to my eyes.)

I remember two years ago when I did a seminar with him, John Carlton, and Mark Joyner, called the “Fusion Seminar.” (There are some incredibly funny stories from that seminar, which I will share with you some time soon!)

Rest in peace, brother. You can also listen to two interviews I've done with Gary Halbert, and one with John Carlton.

Click here to listen to four hours with me and Gary Halbert.