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19 thoughts on “How I Grow My Blog Organically Using These 5 Tips

  1. Thank you for the update on this post and I love to read you blog and keep coming back!

  2. wow…great tips, thanks for sharing it would be very helpful to enhance our blog.

  3. Very good post. One question: How frequently do you send to your Auto Responder list (not broadcasts) but AR content?

  4. What exactly do you recommend? Slide up popups or lightbox? Your post suggests slide-ups, but what I saw was a lightbox.

    Seems like you’re still testing thingshere and here.


  5. Nice post and great article.
    Very powerful idea to monetize any blog with good SERP. It will be pleasure if you add some handy tips to increase backlinks rapidly.

  6. Michel -

    Great tips and I love #4 integrating the autoresponder! Never thought of that and I think the idea of NOT dating your post allows you to seamlessly go back and update or rewrite and then when the recipient on your email update visits the post it doesn’t feel stale to them, i.e., you have routed them to an “old”posting. It is a perception issue.

    These are actionable tips that many of which will pay off big over time if one does them with consistency, there is a cumulative effect that will be measured over time.

    Thank you!


  7. I cannot believe that I am the only one who finds the email optin popup annoying after the first visit. It is a simple technical matter to set a cookie so I am not continually pounded with the form even though I have signed up for your email list.

    Lest I sound like all sour grapes, let me take the opportunity to commend you on your quality content and catchy email subjects. Your emails consistently catch my attention.

  8. I remember finding this post about six months ago and have never dated my posts since. Thats a golden tip and coincides with the autoresponder genius that you have given. Thanks!

    Don’t know if you’ll see this, but action comments is great. However he does have a full php script upsell. Have you used those as well?

  9. Thank you for this article…there is so much to learn and sometimes it feels overwhelming. “One step at a time.” is going to be my approach.

  10.  Wow Michel, what a great post you have here.. “Consistency, I believe, is more important that frequency.” I agree with that.. it builds trust to your consumer…

  11. Hi Michael, you do have a point here. A lot of bloggers say quality content but I guess relevant is a better word.

  12. Great article, you have shared such a good post.Thanks for the tips.

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  16. great post! really helpful recommendation for growing organically your blog..

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