I’ve Never Felt More Alive! Here’s Why…

Michel Fortin before and after weightloss (lost 60 pounds)

A lof of people have been asking about my progress. Well, yesterday I’ve hit my “under 200 pounds” goal. Meaning, I weigh about 192 in the morning at my lightest, and at night when I’m at my heaviest I’m 198.

This means that I’m officially under 200 pounds. For the entire day! Yeah!

That picture above was taken when I weighed 260 pounds about two years ago. I weighed about 254 when I began my journey starting in January of this year. So in short, I’ve lost over 60 pounds in 2.5 months (12 weeks).

Want to know how I did it? Well, I mentioned my daily routines in a previous blog post. But a major “thanks” goes out to Anthony Alayon, owner of UniversityOfAbs.com.

I highly recommend his program.

I’ve never felt more energetic (my wife keeps telling my I’m a pain in the butt by how much energy I have) and alive. This feeling is totally worth the extra hour each day.

This reminds me of something Tom Venuto, author of “Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle,” and “The Body Fat Solution,” which I’m reading right now, said (words in brackets are my own and I’m paraphrasing a bit):

“What do you want? Short-term gain [like binge-eating] with long-term pain? Or do you want short-term pain [like working out] for long-term gain?”

That statement is powerful. And it’s a constant reminder of why I must keep going.

I’m not posting about my health progress on my blog as often as I should, but if you wand to follow my progress, I have a mini-blog (like a tumblog) at Posterous.com. Visit michelfortin.posterous.com and subscribe.

Here’s The Full Gallery

Photos taken by my daughter Paige Jasmine Fortin.


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9 thoughts on “I’ve Never Felt More Alive! Here’s Why…

  1. Congratulations Michel. Keep up the good work. Personally, I need to get back on the exercise bandwagon and lose another 25 pounds. You’re a great example to follow.

  2. man, i wish my dad could go the way you went through..

  3. Michel, I cant believe you did it in 12 weeks. I am trying to loose 5 Pounds from last 12 months…I never did it :) Still you motivated me …Let me try harder vikassingal

  4. Michel, way to go! You have truly inspired me to get off my duff and do something healthy for a change instead of just sitting in front of my computer all day.

  5. Hello Michel – I don’t know if you remember me but I took a 30-day Copywriting and Critique Consulting course under you a few years ago and at the end of that you told me this “Lan, you’re  steps ahead of most people who take the course. You get it.” After about a month, I got an email from a would-be client and he said you told him to come to me! (We worked for 3 years after that :) So yes, I owe you BIG time not just for the client but for the HUGE mental boost.
    Anyhoo, I’ve not visited your site in a while and so when I did today I got quite concerned about your health issues. I’m glad you’ve taken steps and that you’re reaching your goals! You are AGAIN becoming a big inspiration for me.
    I’ve been feeling lethargic and wanting to shed a few kilos. But after months (years?) of dilly dallying I began – for the first time in my life – to RUN late last year. After needing to stop every 2 freaking minutes to catch my breath, I can now run 30 minutes non-stop. I’ve taken up tennis too.
    I’m not there yet but reading the various posts about your journey has added an extra kick to my goals. Good luck and I hope I can get to meet you someday.
    Sorry for the long comment!

  6.  @michel.fortin I’m at 199.8 as of this morning! (Sure, I just made it by 0.2… but, hey, the Olympics go out 0.000 to determine who wins or loses so I don’t feel so bad.)
    Started at 272 or so on Jan 1.

  7. Dude, that belt is supposed to be worn inside your T-Shirt. Good progress though. Keep it up.

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